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Arrow – Season 2 – Latest from Comic-Con

By Travis
July 21, 2013

BROKEN CITY | The destructive events of last season’s finale will still be felt all these months later. “Some people have worked out their stuff, others haven’t,” shared Kreisberg. That includes Laurel, who has “done her mourning and grieving and she’s trying to move forward in any she can,” but “as much as she loves Oliver, she also loved Tommy,” Cassidy explained. The actress also teased that her onscreen counterpart “starts to kick some butt.”

ROY’S SPEEDY FUTURE | “Season 2 can be almost like an island to Roy like it was to Oliver,” Haynes said. “He’s going to have to realize he’s not as big of a badass as he thinks he is.” He also needs to win over Oliver as Thea’s boyfriend, which is “going to take some time.”

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