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Breaking Bad – Season 5 – Synopses for Remaining Episodes

By Travis
July 18, 2013

Episode 509: Blood Money
As Walt and Jesse adjust to life out of the business, Hank grapples with a troubling lead.
Written by: Peter Gould
Directed by: Bryan Cranston

Episode 510: Buried
While Skyler’s past catches up with her, Walt covers his tracks. Jesse continues to
struggle with his guilt.
Written by: Thomas Schnauz
Directed by: Michelle MacLaren

Episode 511: Confessions
Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected
Written by: Gennifer Hutchison
Directed by: Michael Slovis

Episode 512: Rabid Dog
An unusual strategy starts to bear fruit, while plans are set in motion that could change
Written by: Sam Catlin
Directed by: Sam Catlin

Episode 513: To’hajiilee
Things heat up for Walt in unexpected ways.
Written by: George Mastras
Directed by: Michelle MacLaren

Episode 514: Ozymandias
Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances.
Written by: Moira Walley-Beckett
Directed by: Rian Johnson

Episode 515: Granite State
Events set in motion long ago move toward a conclusion.
Written by: Peter Gould
Directed by: Peter Gould

Episode 516: Felina
The series finale.
Written by: Vince Gilligan
Directed by: Vince Gilligan

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