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Giancarlo Esposito Talks ‘Revolution’ Season 2, Breaking Bad & Once Upon a Time (Comic Con – Video Interview)

By Travis
In Actors
July 20, 2013

Comic-Con---Press-4Best known for his role as Gus Fring in ‘Breaking Bad,’ the actor who plays Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) truly cares about the roles and characters he plays.  With much dedication to Tom Neville, he went straight into discussing his character.  “I love that the character is complete. Has aspiration, ability, intelligence, and somewhere in there I believe he has a heart. It’s gotten kind of muddy and covered up. I believe part of him wants the best of people and the other wants control. I have the most fantastic character to bring to live for our audience. and I’m in gratitude for that and I don’t think that anyone is completely black and white. I like the fact in one moment Tom could be completely mean and villainous and sh***y and in another moment he could be a guy who understands what your plight in your story might be, but he still has to kill you.”

Season 2 will return with a more grungier look.  A more honest and “real” post-apocalyptic feel.  Esposito explains that “there are no sides anymore, there’s just survival. It’s a world that is completely fresh and new for our viewers and fans.” “People who have hated each other are going to have to start trusting each other,”

Now, is Tom really ready for that kind of change after being a Captain for a good portion of the first season?  “I kind of hate being dirty all the time, I want my uniform back.”  Looks like Neville is going to have to adjust.

Watch the full interview below as Giancarlo also discusses his time on ‘Breaking Bad’ and shooting ‘Once Upon a Time’ next week:

Now, Giancarlo was not the first to let us know that a heroic character will die in the first episode, but that seemed to be the common theme of “shocking” news for the premiere in September.

Don’t miss the all new season of Revolution beginning at it’s new day and time, September 25th at 8pm on NBC.

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