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Grey’s Anatomy – Season 10 – Patrick Dempsey Interview

By Travis
In Interviews
July 26, 2013

THR: Looking at season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy, will there be a time jump when the season resumes?
Dempsey: We’re continuing on where we left off last season. It’s continuous and it feels like it, too. The storm is continuing on and we pick up right where we left off. We’re still dealing with the crisis of what’s happening with the storm. We air the first two hours and our fourth episode in the season is our 200th, which is remarkable in itself.

THR: Have you heard any rumblings about what that 200th is going to be?
Dempsey: Not at this point; I think they’re still trying to figure it out. People are very excited this year and the cast is as well. People really are enjoying the fact that we’ve made it to 200 episodes in 10 years.

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