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Under the Dome – Neil Baer Interview

By Travis
In Interviews
July 9, 2013

Is the dome causing craziness, or is it just cabin fever?
After accidentally killing Freddie during the last episode, Paul escaped police custody and headed for the woods. He evaded those pursuing him, though he actively tried to shoot them and cause more harm, showing that he is increasingly becoming more unstable. The promo for next week’s episode shows people getting even more frustrated with their predicament, especially once they start to realize supplies will run low soon.
Baer’s response: We call it “Dome fever.” If you’re stuck in a dome for a couple days and can’t get out, I’m sure people will start to get a little nutty and we start to explore that. This is a day-by-day show and it’s only been a few days, so give them time. We’re thrilled the audience is staying under the dome with us because the episodes get better. We have to set up the characters and fall in love with them so we can start unfolding the mythology of the dome. In the next episode, you start to see people at their best and at their worst.

Is Barbie’s presence in Chester’s Mill a mere coincidence?
Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) questioned the odds of Barbie (Mike Vogel) being in Chester’s Mill when the dome dropped, proving that her suspicions of her new housemate are growing by the minute. After Junior told her that Barbie beat him senseless for no reason, Julia became even more curious about Barbie and discovered a map in his bag that is presumably marked with Peter’s (R. Keith Harris) cabin. Does she immediately recognize the location or will we see her travel there next week? And why did Barbie avoid DJ Phil (Nicholas Strong)?
Baer’s response: There’s a big surprise next week. The show is filled with Easter eggs every week. Does Barbie know anybody or have a past there? Don’t take everything at face value. You got a glimpse into something that will be coming next week. Julia being a journalist, it’s safe to say that she does an investigation into this map. She doesn’t know that circle on the map. It’s not what you’d expect. That’s what I love about the show. You expect the cabin. Well, you’re wrong. [Laughs]

Are we ever going to see the dome cut through water?
We’ve seen it cut through just about everything else. What kind of damage does it cause being cut through a lake or a water main?
Baer’s response: We’re definitely going to be talking about that in Episode 6.

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