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Teen Wolf – Melissa Ponzio Interview

By Travis
In Interviews
August 20, 2013

1) With Lorelai Gilmore off the air it seems Melissa McCall is the mom everyone wishes they had. What drew you to play this role and what do you love most about her?

Wow, thank you. What a HUGE compliment, and even bigger shoes to fill. I was lucky to audition for this role, and feel I won the lottery in being cast as Tyler’s Mom. I think I’m most proud of the true unconditional love Mama McCall has for Scott. Although she was at first afraid when she finally learned his secret, she quickly accepted Scott, and no matter what will protect, love and honor her son. 

2) “Teen Wolf” does an exceptionally good job involving the parents in the action and the characters are so well written that not only the teen audience roots for them but they also draw viewers above 25 because they are role models in a cool way. What’s your take on what makes the parents so compelling?

I feel Jeff Davis does an amazing job writing for all the parents on the show. He writes for each of us with such care…each one of us have had amazing scenes molding, guiding and sacrificing for our children. Eaddy Mays’ character gave her life to protect her family. JR Bourne as ‘Argent’ continues to protect and teach his daughter. Linden Ashby’s character, ‘Sheriff Stilinksi’, struggles as much as my character does with being a single parent, and tries his best to raise his son in the way his wife would have wanted. Susan Walters, who plays Lydia’s mother, tries to support and understand her daughter as best as she can. The heart to heart speeches Jeff has written for my character when speaking to my son touch my own heart. I think it makes it compelling for us to perform, and I hope it makes it compelling for the viewers…

3) Your TV son Tyler Posey seems to be a person who’s really enjoying his career, he seems good-humored, open, approachable and also he and Scott seem to have a few things in common. What would you say what are the three most important qualities that Tyler and Scott share? 

Yes, Tyler and ‘Scott’ share many qualities…devotion to family being the primary one. Tyler is so proud of his brothers, Mother and Father. His face lights up when he talks of them. I’ve had the pleasure to meet his Mom and Dad, and he is the perfect mix of the two. Having dear friends, and being a dear friend, both on and off screen is the second amazing quality he has. Tyler is loyal to his friends in such an admirable way. And third, he’s an honest soul. I’ve seen Tyler speak his truth on more than one occasion. He is of his own mind and will tell you exactly what he feels. I think this was in conflict with his character, specifically the first two seasons when he couldn’t tell Mama McCall about being a wolf. He was conflicted and torn, and I would say heartbroken that he had to keep it from her, to protect her at first. I think it’s a huge weight off his shoulders…

Source: Full Interview @ myfanbase

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