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Under The Dome – Neal Baer talks about the Mini-Dome

By Travis
In Interviews
August 6, 2013

What’s that egg inside the mini-dome?
Neal Baer: That’s too easy. We will answer that question, but it’s not what you expect. It’s all coming together. This is a crucial element to the rest of the season: What is this egg, what does this mean and what does it keep out of the dome?

Why is the dome making people have visions of the town?
Neal Baer: That question is completely addressed in the last episode of the season. It’s so much a part of the next six episodes. We will be speaking to what the dome can and can’t do, why it’s doing it and for what reasons. The visions are really going to be profound.

Is this Big Jim’s turning point to be more like his novel counterpart?
Neal Baer: Boomer and Ollie were preventing the town from getting access to water, so was Big Jim being evil or was he doing this to save the town? That’s always the wonderful part about Big Jim — that it’s not like he gets off on killing people, but the only people he’s killed have threatened Chester’s Mill. Ollie was going to keep everyone from getting water and we’ll get into that next week in a big way. In the preview for next week, you see Junior (Alexander Koch) putting his rifle at his dad. Big Jim loves his son more than anything and then the town. He’s not just this soap opera Joan Collins character. He’s not just J.R. fromDallas. I think it’s an Emmy-worthy performance by Dean Norris next week. It’s leading to a breakdown, so Big Jim needs to figure out what to do. Retaliation is definitely in Big Jim’s vocabulary.

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