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American Horror Story – Season 3 – Ryan Murphy EW interview

By Travis
In Interviews
November 20, 2013

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This episode was much more meditative and sad, which I think you said last week.

RYAN MURPHY: Yes, I think it is probably a little more serious and I think that it’s a little darker about that horrible state they’re both in. But then on the flip side we do give you Kathy Bates and Gabourey Sidibe at a fast food restaurant.

They both told me that was one of their favorite scenes to shoot. Did you guys enjoy writing that?

Yeah it’s a lot of fun. I think with that LaLaurie character particularly we always have fun in the writers room. We would ask ourselves questions and one question was What would Madame LaLaurie do when she saw that Obama was President? She’d have a complete breakdown. Then we were just spitballing and that idea that What would LaLaurie do when she discovers fast food? She’d go absolutely crazy. I love the line where Kathy thinks the box is speaking. And I love that whole story. I love how Queenie finally does the right thing and Madame LaLaurie finally gets the justice she deserves.

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