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Homeland – Season 3 – Interview with Jared Ward

By Travis
In Interviews
November 28, 2013

The plot lines on Homeland are concealed until the episode, so I imagine nobody knows much about your character either. Are you allowed to tell us anything?

Indeed they are. Even in the audition process there were verbal and written NDAs. I feel like Quinn might have a good shot on me so I’d better stick to my promise.

Do you enjoy that there’s some secrecy behind the role?

I really do. I appreciate that they want to keep it a secret. Homeland is easily one of my favorite shows. Prior to getting the chance to work on it, I loved that I didn’t know what or how they would get out of what preceded. I would talk.. Ok sometimes yell at my TV haha. Very gripping and never predictable. Love it.

Does your character get in on the ‘action’ stuff? Any physical scenes in there for you?

Yes. there are some interesting situations ahead.  The masterminds behind the show have created such an intense storyline to the finale. My tv wasn’t around this time so I started yelling at my script. I might have a problem here.

How do you like playing the character? Is it satisfying?

Absolutely. I’m straight up honored to play the character. My brother has been in the military for 17 years now. From the research I did to having conversations with my bro there’s always this feeling I had: these guys never seem to brag and never do it for themselves. Heroes.

Did you work with Claire Danes or Mandy Patinkin?

Yes I got to work with both. It’s funny, sometimes I get this new kid in high school feeling every time I hit my first day on a show. And with Damian, Claire and Mandy being the cool Seniors, they instantly made it seem like we’d been ditching classes for years.

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