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Scandal – Season 3 – Jeff Perry interview

By Travis
November 22, 2013

The insinuation that James cheated on Cyrus with Daniel is a big emotional blow for him. How does he feel after seeing these photos?

I think Cyrus’ brain, in a horrifying two seconds, calculates that he has in a single, gigantic miscalculation ruined Fitz’s chance for re-election and blown up his marriage. It couldn’t be worse.

Does Cyrus really believe that James slept with Daniel?

He believes he did, yes. He’s got Mellie’s warning ringing in his ears when she says “You can’t go back,” and Cyrus says semi-sensitively, “My husband isn’t yours.” He would never cheat is the implication. It’s been black-and-white to him: “Oh, my God. He did. And I set it up — without any contingency plan.” That’s a major miscalculation for Cyrus because he didn’t believe there ever needed to be a contingency plan on that level of the scheme.

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