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Reign – Jonathan Keltz Interview

By Travis
In Interviews
January 25, 2014

myFanbase: “Reign” got its back nine order – can you give us some scoop what lies ahead for Leith? Or maybe what lies behind him? We haven’t got too much background information about him yet.

Jonathan Keltz: I can’t say too much, but there are some hard choices ahead for him. He’ll have to decide what is best for his family, his heart, and his life. The second half of the season is BIG.

myFanbase: Regarding the modern aspect of the show, Leith’s relationship with Greer seems to be like the popular cheerleader secretly dating the cute nerd. Is the royal court in “Reign” some kind of ancient high school?

JK: I think those stereotypes and archetypes follow us through time and our entire lives. We grow up but we still find ourselves in the same dynamics. It’s our responsibility to rise above the prejudices of those dynamics…. and fall in love with the charming kitchen boy.

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