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Teen Wolf – Episode 3.13 – Anchors – Review

By Travis
In Reviews
January 7, 2014

The Teen Wolf team really know how to start off their season 3B, with them ending the previous episode of ‘Lunar Ellipse’ with a bang, this episode ‘Anchors’ continues the drama and the questioning of what is to come. ‘Anchors’ was written by Jeff Davis and directed by Russel Mulcahy.

Okay, let’s get straight into the episode then, because it starts pretty crazy, actually the whole episode is pretty crazy (in a good way).

Apparently coming back from the dead doesn’t really go all that well with Stiles, Allison and Scott because they are experiencing very weird things. The episode opens up with Stiles in bed dreaming of all kinds of fun things. First he is trapped in a locker at school and when he gets out of there he sees the Nemeton (freaky supernatural tree) in one of the classrooms then he “wakes up” in bed with Lydia (which is also a dream) then he wakes up again, goes to school, and thinks everything is okay when in fact he is still dreaming. When he finally wakes up he is screaming his lungs off in his bedroom.

What Stiles is experiencing is basically like the film Inception but with absolutely no control of his dreams. Stiles has no idea what to believe is real or if he is still sleeping, because even when he is awake things don’t seem right, for example when he looks at a book to read the letters are at random.

Later on in the episode Stiles also daydreams in class and everyone is doing silent language, we later learn by Dr. Deaton that they were signing “When is a door not a door?”, which Scott answers the riddle with “when it is ajar”, meaning when they died and came back they left a door opened in their minds.

Jumping to Scott now who isn’t doing any better, he keeps seeing his shadow in wolf form when in fact he is in human form. He also sees his red eyes in the reflection and thinks he needs to learn how to control his shifting. When Scott was with Allison he used her as an anchor to control his emotions and his shifting, however, because he no longer has Allison, his mum calms him down and tells him he needs to become his own anchor.

Now on to the third victim of resurrecting, Allison, she has multiple visions of her Aunt Kate, that got killed by Peter Hale in the first season. Each vision is very creepy and all of them happen when she is walking around. For example the first vision happens when she is leaving her house and when the vision ends she is already at school. The second one she fires an arrow at Lydia’s head and almost kills her and the final vision she is on her bed and comes out of it with a knife in her hand.

While this weirdness is happening to the three, Papa Stilinski is looking at his old cases with a new light and is wondering if any of them are of supernatural, one case really gets to him. Where the evidence originally pointed to a wife and two kids dying in the car accident and a coyote pulled the seven year-old out of the car and ate her, but looking at it with a different perspective he thinks something else happened because the young girl’s body was never found and it happened on a night of the full moon.

Near the end of the episode Scott goes to Stiles and wants to go to where the car accident happened and if they can see anything. When they get to the place the crashed car is still there (which is weird) and Scott sees a wolf and chases I,t when he gets to it face to muzzle, he calls it Malia (the young seven year old) and its eyes turn blue and runs off.

Hmm wait blue eyes, when Derek was younger his eyes turned blue when he killed someone he loved, maybe the wolf is Malia and she killed her mother and sister in the car crash because it was the night of the full moon (sorry thinking out loud).

In the episode we also learn of a new girl Kira, which is the daughter of their new history teacher, she has caught the eye of Scott and it looks like he has a strong attraction to her. She is also very smart in knowing a lot about demons and Buddhist progression to death, which is how she describes what is happening to the three.

Also on a side note Scott’s dad is trying to find something out and is taking all of Papa Stilinski’s case files and performing an ‘audit’ on him.

And that’s pretty much the episode, wait a minute I forgot about one minor scene that ended the episode with our beloved Derek Hale and his Uncle Peter. They are bound to a wire wall and are being electrocuted by a random unknown person! This place looks like the one where Kate Argent tortured Derek in the first season, so that leads me to the question is Kate really dead? or perhaps the door that is ajar in Stiles’, Allison’s and Scott’s mind is not just in their mind, maybe the door to the dead is open!

I really loved this episode and would have to rated it 9.5/10 it loses half a point because there wasn’t enough Derek in it but him being half naked at the end was a good way to introduce him back in.

Two of the funniest parts in this episode was when Lydia found out the three were going crazy and she said “Well, well , well look who’s no longer the crazy one”. And the two times Scott hits Isaac for mentioning that he wanted to kiss Allison and that he was with her when Lydia almost got hit with an arrow.

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