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The Originals – Review of Episode 1.11 – Apres Moi, le Deluge?

By Travis
In Reviews
January 25, 2014

This week’s ‘Apres Moi, le Deluge?’ is my favorite episode of the season so far. I have been waiting for the Harvest storyline to be resolved since it first got mentioned and I was not disappointed. Because Davina was never supposed to have that kind of power, nature starts acting up. As Sophie predicted, Davina brings on earthquakes, storms, enough rain to swim in and fire. When Sophie fails to harness Celeste’s power, the Originals offer her their mother’s. I feel like we don’t know enough about Esther, I do hope we’ll get flashbacks at some point on this show (when they can get the actress back). After a lot of discussing whether or not to finish the Harvest, Davina finally agrees. However it doesn’t go as planned when the four sacrificed girls don’t wake up. Meanwhile Hayley regrets helping Sophie and comes clean to Elijah, who is not happy with her. Klaus shows Hayley he’s helped his family of werewolves find shelter in the church, showing her that he’s not heartless after all.

Favorite scene: I’m going to go with the obvious one this time: the Harvest. From the moment Marcel carried Davina in, to Sophie realizing she failed and her niece is not coming back. Everyone’s reaction to Davina’s death showed perfectly that they have in fact grown to care for her. We all knew this scene was coming from the moment it first got mentioned earlier in the season, but I never expected her to go willingly. Then again, who would’ve guessed Davina would’ve turned into a human natural disaster. The rain was a great touch, it made the scene more haunting (not that it wasn’t already). As much as I have disliked Sophie’s methods to finish this, I couldn’t help but feel bad when it didn’t work. So many people, including her sister, sacrificed themselves for this, only for it to fail. I have no doubt Davina will come back somehow, but I really wanted Monique to be resurrected. After losing Tim, Davina deserved to have another person in her corner.

Most heartbreaking scene: I love the bond between Davina and Marcel. He tried so hard to protect her only to lose her anyway. He loved her like she was his family. His scene with Klaus broke my heart. Klaus comforting shows me that whatever hostility Klaus felt towards him when he first got back to town, is now gone. However I’m not sure the same can be said for Marcel. He clearly still blames Klaus in some way, saying they were fine until he came back. He’ll undoubtedly also blame the witches, since they started all of this in the first place.

Best ‘wtf’ scene: Okay, so this is where my jaw really hit the floor: Sabine is Celeste. Now I’ve got questions. Is Sabine just possessed? What is she planning? (We know it can’t be good.) And does this count as one of the resurrections? Because if not, that would mean there’s still one spot open that could potentially bring Davina back. Now the guy about the ones she did bring back. The guy looks like trouble, and judging from the synopsis of next week’s episode, he will be. We know one of the women was killed during the first Harvest, so she’s definitely going to want to get revenge on Marcel. The second woman however is a bit of a mystery. Her clothes look to be from the 20’s. We know the Originals were in Chicago at the time, but since this was not long after they fled New Orleans, it’s possible they crossed paths. Celeste wouldn’t have brought them back unless they had some serious power, so I can’t wait to see them in action.

Most haunting scene: The harness of Esther’s power was hauntingly beautiful. There were barely any words spoken, but it’s still a scene that managed to stay with me. Not sure how Esther would’ve have felt about her kids doing this but I can’t seem to get myself to care. I loved the moment where the knife keeps getting passed through, uniting them.

Best speech: I just had to talk about this scene. When Davina finally agrees to the Harvest. The speech she gave Marcel was just so beautiful. How she says that if this is it, it’s been good. Brought tears to my eyes. It’s amazing how my feelings about Davina have changed from the first episode. She went from my least favorite character to one of my favorites.

Best chemistry moment: As someone who has lately been leaning more towards Klaus and Hayley, even I can’t deny that there were major sparks between Hayley and Elijah in that last scene. Neither of them can deny that there is something between them, but both seem afraid to take the leap. And I assume that it will get even more complicated now that Celeste is back.

Character that should’ve been in this episode: Considering this episode was Davina-centric, I was surprised that Josh was not in it. I get that he doesn’t have access to the house and is trying to steer clear of Klaus, but it still felt off. He’s her best friend, and has already proven that he’s willing to die for her. So it baffles me that there wasn’t even a mention of him.

Scene that was missing: So everyone who also watches ‘The Vampire Diaries’ knows that two of the Originals made an appearance in this week’s 100th episode. Now for those of you who don’t, here’s a quick summary: Klaus came back to gloat over Katherine’s not yet cold body, and instead of doing so ended up having sex with Caroline in the woods. Not sure why Rebekah came, since she was only on screen for 10 seconds but she saved Matt from suffocating in a safe (a scene I personally found adorable), and dropped Tyler off. Now here’s my problem. Considering there were 2 episodes of ‘The Originals’ before this episode of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ aired, I expected there to be a mention of their trip to Mystic Falls. It’s highly unlikely they just left in the middle of all this craziness. Also a scene where Rebekah breaks Tyler out would have been welcome. Along with the reason why Elijah, who is the only Original who should have been there to say goodbye to Katherine, didn’t accompany them. If there’s no mention of any of this in next week’s episode, they’ll have one pissed off viewer on their hands. The writers could take a page from Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

Best quotes: Klaus: “Are there any more inopportune deaths you’d like to wave in my face?” Elijah: “Give me a month. I’ll get you a list.”
Klaus: “Young, old, dead or alive. Witches are a pain in the ass.”
Klaus: “This is not a democracy.” Elijah: “You’re quite right, this is family.”

So this week’s review was a little longer than usual, but I hope you guys like it. Next week we’ll see the aftermath in ‘Dance Back from the Grave’.

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