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Arrow – Episode 2.18 – Deathstroke – Marc Guggenheim previews Episode

By Travis
March 27, 2014

DANGER ZONE | After running into Slade, Thea is in a lot of danger, previews Guggenheim. “And the sword of Damocles that’s being held over her in [next week’s episode] is a double-edged sword – it’s both physical and emotional – and I can guarantee that by the end of [Episode] 18, one of those edges is going to cut her.” The EP also adds that Thea will learn “something pretty massive” in the next hour that “will cause a tectonic shift in her relationship with Oliver.”

BROKEN HEARTS, BIG CLIFFHANGERS | Young lovebirds Thea and Roy had to go kaput “to upset the apple cart,” explains the EP. “She is the only thing that keeps him in check. She keeps him grounded. It was also, if we were going to place Thea in jeopardy, we wanted Roy to feel some sense of complicity in that. Episode 18 is a very big episode. We sort of wrote it as a mid-midseason finale. In fact, when we turned in Episode 18 to the studio, the studio was like, ‘You do know you’ve got to do five more episodes, right?’ Episode 18 really could play as a season finale, just in terms of the number of things that happen and the number of cliffhangers that we’re left with. And one of those things is Roy dealing with his own sense of responsibility” in what’s happened to Thea.

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