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The Tomorrow People – Season 1 – Phil Klemmer Interview

By Travis
March 5, 2014

HERE COMES THE BIG BAD | Ultra will soon “know where [our heroes’] lair is, and they’ll be ready to invade,” reveals Klemmer. With their foes at their doorstep, the questions of “whether John and Cara can mend their personal relationship” and “whether they can actually protect this home that they founded” will become inextricably linked.

LOVE STORY IN REVERSE | John and Cara’s first meeting will be unveiled via flashbacks, and it’s “definitely not as romantic as you would expect,” teases Klemmer. “There’s a movie called Two for the Road, where you get to see the beginning of a relationship and the end of a relationship at the same time. It’s like that: You get to see the bitter end and the beginning.” Although John and Cara are going through a very rough patch right now, Klemmer adds, “Of course for that couple, if I said that there wasn’t the possibility of a future, I’d make a lot of fans unhappy. So there’s always hope for those two.”

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