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Agents of SHIELD – Season 1 – Amy Acker interview

By Travis
In Actors
April 21, 2014

TVLINE | Under what circumstances do we meet Audrey? Coulson’s kind of out on a limb, a man with a global peacekeeping organization. Is he checking in on her?

Well, she has someone after her from her past. And you find out that Coulson has been watching over her and is trying to protect her. I think that once he found out about Hydra and everything kind of dissolved as far as S.H.I.E.L.D., he knew the ramifications of what that meant as far as who is out there. He realized that she could be in trouble, and so that became a priority.

TVLINE | Is there any indication of what she’s been up to since fate tore them apart?

Yeah, I have a really nice, pretty speech that they wrote about just how hard it was to get over him, trying to kind of put my life back together since I lost him.

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