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Syfy Developing 4 New Shows

By Travis
In Pilot Shows
April 30, 2014

Letter 44 is about a new president who discovers on his inauguration day that his predecessor’s seemingly insane militarization was all to prep America for an imminent alien threat — one that he’ll have to deal with. If you haven’t definitely check the first issue, which you can read for free on io9!

Pax Romana is a recent series by comics superstar Jonathan Hickman, about a group of World War III soldiers who get mysteriously transported to ancient Rome and try to fix the future by altering the present, along with their modern-day weapons and vehicles.

Frank Miller’s classic ’80s series Ronin is about a 13th century samurai transported to modern-day New York City to kill the demon that murdered his brother; Syfy plans this as a miniseries.

And last but not least, Grossman’s The Magicians is about a college for magicians, and the attendees there who have to deal with adult problems and adult consequences — and a fantasy land described in a popular series of kids’ books which turns out to be real.

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