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Teen Wolf – Season 4 – JR Bourne interview

By Travis
In Interviews
June 13, 2014

TVLINE | So… Argent’s daughter and wife are dead, and he thinks his sister is dead. What’s his mental state going into Season 4?

He is ridiculously messed up. He’s definitely struggling with returning to Beacon Hills. He even mentioned in Season 3 how everything there had decimated his family, and that was before his daughter died. He’s battling with a lot of inner vengeance, and he’s trying to figure out who he has left, who he cares about — which is, ironically enough, some of the werewolves.

TVLINE | It looks like Argent will be taking on a more fatherly role with Scott, too. Is that accurate?

Yes, and I think that’s always sort of been there. But with his real father being in the picture now, I don’t think Argent is going to step too much on those toes. I think he’ll always desire to be there for Scott, because he’s proven himself over and over to Argent. Basically, Argent is in a state of “What now?” and “Why bother coming back?” But he does.

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