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Comic Con: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Casting News + Reveals

By Travis
In Casting
July 28, 2014

It was only a couple of months ago when fans were teased with a ‘Frozen’ finale, which created talk over the summer for Once Upon a Time’s newest additions to Storybrook. There has a been plenty of news over the past couple weeks (before, during, and after Comic Con) from casting to episode titles. Let’s start talking…

Last we heard, Once Upon a Time would open Season 4 with an episode titled, “Tale of Two Sisters,” featuring Anna and Elsa. Well, the title of the second episode (4×02) was revealed to be titled, “White Out.”


ONCE UPON A TIME – “A Tale of Two Sisters” (ABC/Katie Yu)

“Fringe” actress Georgina Haig will be tackling the role of Elsa, the Snow Queen (not to be confused with the Ice Queen), while newcomer Elizabeth Lail will take on the role of Anna and “Greek” heartthrob Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff. Elsa is expected to appear in nine episodes, Anna is said to be featured in six to eight episodes, and fans can see Kristoff in approximately six episodes. In addition to Elsa, Anna and Kristoff, Once Upon a Time is set to introduce yet another character from the Oscar-winning animated hit in season four, E! News has learned. But Frozen fans might not be too pleased to see this character again: It’s Hans, the treacherous Prince of the Southern Isles who tricked Anna into falling in love with him in an attempt to take over Arendelle. Today, we learned that ‘Shameless’ star Tyler Jacob Moore is set to play Prince Hans.

Then, we find out that John Rhys-Davies will be the voice over of rock troll, Pabbie (of Frozen). Is this the end of the Frozen characters…or can we expect more?

During Comic Con, the creators revealed 2 never before scenes for Season 4 (that are still not available online for viewing). The first clip showed Frozen’s Elsa and Anna at their parents’ grave — and dropped a bombshell that Anna is preparing for her wedding! Via Collider, the clip showed Elsa and Anna standing before the gravestones of their parents and Elsa telling her younger sister that “They would be so proud of you.” Anna says they would be proud of both of them. Then, Elsa tells Anna she has a surprise for her wedding. The following pictures were taken by @TVAfterDark during the preview:

The second clip showed recently-reformed villain Regina telling her old friend the Mirror that she needed help getting rid of an enemy. Some things never change…

Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan) and Colin O’Donoghue (Hook) discussed the burning question: Who is Emma’s true love? Co-creator Edward Kitsis implied Emma doesn’t have to choose between her love for Neal and and her love for Hook, saying, “True love is when you truly love somebody. Soulmate is the idea that there’s only one person for you.”

Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) melted hearts by saying Oliver, his newborn son with co-star and wife Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), is his “true love.”

Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White) greeted fans with a via video call from set that included a cameo by Michael Socha. Does this mean his Once Upon a Time in Wonderland character, Knave, will be heading to the Enchanted Forest soon? Only time will tell…

Fans asked Emilie de Ravin (Belle) and Robert Carlyle (Rumple) about Rumple’s heartbreaking betrayal in the season finale. Emilie said Belle would be “devasted” to learn the truth — which doesn’t bode well, considering co-creator Edward Kitsis hinted that we haven’t seen the end of Rumple’s weak side.

Lana Parrilla (Regina) sat with Jared Gilmore (Henry) for his first-ever Comic-Con panel. When a fan asked if Neal’s death would drive Henry to develop a relationship with his grandfather Rumple, producers hinted that Henry will take up the family business — but joked it would at the pawn shop. Producers also said, “Neal will always live in flashbacks and our hearts.”

Fans also got to learn the hilarious way Elsa came to Storybrooke in “Inside the Writers Room,” the Once Upon a Time Season 3 Blu-ray Exclusive Feature. The Season 3 DVD and the Blu-ray come out August 12th.   You can check out the clip below:

Once Upon a Time Season 4 premiere SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 8|7c.

Check out the Season 4 Comic Con Trailer (which includes no new footage):

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