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‘The Flash’ Casts Supervillainess Plastique for 5th Episode

By Travis
In Casting
July 29, 2014

plastique-the-flash-2October’s most hotly anticipated superhero show, The Flash, is about to get a little more explode-y: The CW series announced today that they’d cast the role of sometimes-villain Plastique for the show’s fifth episode.

kelly-frye-the-flashActress Kelly Frye will be taking on the part, according to E!, which updates her origin for the DC TV universe. Here, Plastique is Iraq veteran and bomb disposal expert Bette Sans Souci, who gets a science explosion to the face courtesy of S.T.A.R. Labs. When she recovers, Bette discovers that she can load any object with explosive energy, making her a target for shadowy types in the U.S. government who’d like to use her as a living weapon. She’ll end up finding an ally in Grant Gustin’s Flash, who probably doesn’t look kindly on things like that.

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