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EW Spoilers on Arrow, Gotham, & Supernatural

By Travis
In Spoilers
August 8, 2014

On Gotham any chance we will see Bane or Ra’s al Ghul and his daughters? —Álaric
I can tell you that from seeing the pilot myself, there are quite a few hints at future villains, though sadly, neither Bane nor Ra’s made the cut. And considering how the show focuses on the upbringing of these villains, it seems unlikely we’ll see Bane anytime soon. After all, at least in the comics, he spent his childhood imprisoned outside of the U.S. As far as Ra’s is concerned, at least we know he’s coming to Arrow, right?

Love that the Spoiler Room is back!  I’ve been dying for information on Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak on Arrow as its third season approaches. It sounds like their date blows up (literally?) and I’m wondering how this affects them for the rest of the season—both romantically and as teammates.  I think they’re a fabulous couple and I’m rooting for them to come out of this stronger, together, at the end. —Nancy
Hey, Nancy! Spoiler Room is happy to be back, and I fully understand your desire for Olicity scoop. I don’t have any specifics on their explosive first date, but it sounds like there’s something—or should I say someone—else who will play a bigger role in potentially hurting Oliver and Felicity’s relationship this year. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talked about how they cast Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, and how one of the key things they loved was his chemistry with Oliver’s Girl Wednesday. “[Brandon] actually did a chemistry test with Emily [Bett Rickards] and we didn’t have any doubt [before], but when everyone saw that, the two of them just jumped off the screen together. It’s funny because we had a picture of Stephen, Stephen’s headshot, and we had Emily’s headshot, and there was a blank on the board. Once you put Brandon’s up there, you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, these are two guys.’” So perhaps we’re worried about the wrong type of explosion?

I’d love some scoop on Sam in season 10 of Supernatural. Will he be having more of a central role, after being sidelined for much of the last season? Will he be the one who gets to save Dean? Thanks! —Frances
Fear not, Sam lovers! Despite Dean having such a big storyline with the whole being-a-demon-now thing, executive producer Jeremy Carver assured me that both brothers will get their share of screen time. “I know there’s always this concern of one brother having the story, one brother not having the story, but both brothers will very much be having stories,” Carver said. “It just so happens that at the beginning of this year, their stories very much revolve around the well being of each other, which we like.” As for those of you who went to Comic-Con, you saw footage from season 10 episode 3 in which the brothers finally come face-to-face. However, when asked if the brothers don’t see each other until the third hour, Carver said that was “Rightish.” So maybe those storylines will overlap sooner than we think!

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