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‘Gotham:’ THE LEGEND REBORN Preview Special (Video)

By Travis
In Previews
August 22, 2014

THE LEGEND REBORN Preview Special: Mythic Beginnings (Part 1) | GOTHAM
Go behind the scenes of the thrilling GOTHAM pilot with key players both behind and in front of the camera, including creator Bruno Heller, director Danny Cannon and star Ben McKenzie.

THE LEGEND REBORN Preview Special: A City On The Edge (Part 2) | GOTHAM
Following the murder of the Waynes, Gotham is in danger of falling into an abyss of pure chaotic anarchy.

THE LEGEND REBORN Preview Special: Behind The Shadows (Part 3) | GOTHAM
From its comic book origins to an array of incredible special effects to its cutting edge production, learn more from the incredible team that transformed New York City into Gotham.

THE LEGEND REBORN Preview Special: Heroes & Villains (Part 4) | GOTHAM
GOTHAM also explores the origin stories of classic villains such as Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face and The Joker.

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