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Tv Guide Spoilers on The Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Once & More

By Travis
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August 5, 2014

Do you know if Once Upon a Time‘s Frozen adaptation takes place before or after the movie? — Dave
A little bit of both, actually. “There may be some things with the parents we didn’t know about pre-Arendelle,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells me. Well, that takes care of the flashbacks for the season! As for present-day Storybrooke, it’s pretty obvious that, with Elsa in her Frozen duds, her escape from the urn comes after the movie.  “What happened to her to get her into that urn and what was going on in her life at that point is what’s going to be revealed and what’s going to be pushing the story forward,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. “Hopefully you’ll find that there will be some cool surprising connections between Arendelle and our world.”  

What is coming up for Caroline on The Vampire Diaries— Cara, via Twitter
It should come as no surprise that the most anal-retentive vampire will have specific thoughts on how to soldier through the finale’s tragedies. “[She is] trying to hold the whole group together and is just, in her mind, failing miserably and really struggling,” executive producer Julie Plec says. Her job will be made especially difficult when it comes to dealing with Stefan, who “reacts to Damon’s loss in ways we wouldn’t expect,” Plec teases.

Any scoop on Arrow—Seana, via Twitter
The third season will explore themes of identity, but that won’t just apply to Oliver and his struggle between being a man and being a hero, according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim. “For Thea: Am I Thea Queen or am I Thea Merlyn?” he says. “With Diggle: Am I sidekick or am I my own man? Felicity: Do I exist outside the lair? Do I exist as something more than just Oliver’s crush object? Lance: If I’m confined to a desk job, am I still a cop?… Laurel: Am I Laurel or am I my sister? Or can I be my sister?” Let’s hope the answer to that last question is yes!

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