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TV Guide Spoilers on Vampire Diaries, Nashville, & Outlander

By Travis
In Spoilers
August 13, 2014

What can you tell me about the new season of The Vampire Diaries? — Brittany
When executive producer Julie Plec told us that the mystery of where Bonnie and Damon are would be answered quickly, she wasn’t lying: You’ll definitely know before the end of the second episode. But pay close attention: Although the setting may look familiar, the duo is definitely in a place that’s foreign to them. Perhaps it’s not the where that matters at all!

Got any teases about the new season of Nashville?  Jessica
While Rayna’s personal life might be a mess, it sounds like her career will be hotter than ever. “Part of Rayna’s journey this year is being pulled into a whole new level of celebrity,” executive producer Dee Johnson says. Then again, being a huge star in 2014 means letting fans into your personal life. “There was a time when the work would stand for itself and fans would buy your albums,” Johnson says. “But everything now is about social media and really putting yourself out there in a way that has been sort of anathema to Rayna in the past. … [It] is less than comfortable for her.

Outlander isn’t just another love triangle show, with Claire torn between good guy Frank and bad boy Jamie, is it? — Sandra
Don’t worry, it’s far more complicated than that! As Saturday’s episode reveals, Jamie’s criminal past is a direct result of an encounter with Frank’s ancestor Jack, a captain in the English army. Unlike his kind-natured descendant, Jack is a sadist who once brutally flogged Jamie and sent him to prison when the Scot tried to save his sister from sexual assault. So, ask yourself this: Could Jamie ever truly accept the fact that Claire married a Randall?

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