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Tv Line Spoilers on Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, The Originals & More

By Travis
In Spoilers
August 5, 2014

Question: Any chance we are going to get a Laurel and Felicity friendship on Arrow, now that Laurel knows the secret, instead of some ridiculous catty girl nonsense? —Samantha
Ausiello: EP Marc Guggenheim says that with Laurel now in on everyone’s secret, the dynamic between her and Felicity will be “a lot of fun” — and decidedlynot in a catty way. “These characters [including Sara] should all be more than just who they are to Oliver,” Guggenheim notes. “We’re always trying to flesh out Felicity’s character and Laurel’s character and Sara’s character beyond whether or not they’re going out with Oliver that week.”

Question: Any cool Crane-Abbie moments coming up on Sleepy Hollow? —Jeff
Ausiello: I haven’t seen the Season 2 premiere yet, but exec producer Mark Goffman promises the Sept. 22 opener contains a “pretty shocking moment in purgatory” between the two, adding, “I don’t think anyone’s going to see it coming.”

Question: Just wondering if I can get any spoilers on season 2 of Reign. Especially if any of those spoilers feature Francis. — Michelle
Ausiello: I hope you like demons, Michelle, because Francis has plenty of ‘em. “When Henry died, he talked about what it was like to take a life — it’s a big weight you carry with you,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy says. “One of the things you’re going to see this season is that Francis is carrying that weight; he’s carrying that guilt from killing his father. It was a justified killing, but a killing nonetheless.”

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