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Once Upon A Time: The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

By Travis
In Recaps
September 30, 2014

Once the season 3 finale ended, everyone had high expectations for season 4 after season 3 ended with a brief introduction of Elsa.  Bringing the Frozen characters into the show and Storybrooke was a huge risk for the show because of several things.  Frozen is still relatively new and fresh in the audience’s minds.  Frozen is also already widely beloved.  So with this in mind, the writers needed to take care with paying homage to the beloved Disney movie while still not changing their show to fit the characters in.

And meet the task they did!  Understandably so, some Oncers were afraid that Frozen would take over their beloved show.  Once Upon A Time has spent 3 full seasons so far making us fall in love with their main characters.  You can’t blame the fans for wanting plenty of focus on Snow, Charming, Emma, Hook, Regina, Rumpelstiltskin and company.  However, fans needn’t have worried.  The season 4 premiere episode had an even balance of Frozen flashbacks and Storybrooke scenes.



The way Frozen was incorporated into the show was brilliant and done in true Once Upon A Time fashion.  Elsa found herself in Storybrooke and it was understandable that she was scared about being in a new town and time.  After being chased by Hook and Emma, she accidentally created a giant monstrous snowman that began chasing the town.

In the midst of all this, Regina found herself dealing with the consequences of Emma bringing back Marian, Robin Hood’s wife.  Regina wasn’t pleased with Emma’s rescue and had her heart broken when Robin admitted that he couldn’t just leave Marian now that she was back because he had made a vow to stay with her.  It was then that Regina began reverting back to her old ways and vowed to get rid of Marian.  However, when faced with the possibility of letting Marian be killed by Elsa’s snowman, Regina ended up saving her instead.  Looking for another way to get her happy ending, she reunited with Sydney and the two of them decided to use their powers to find the author of the Once Upon A Time book.

Rumpelstiltskin had his own issues to deal with.  He visited his son’s grave and confided that he was still having trouble being the man that Belle and Neal both believed he could be.  He still did not reveal to Belle that he had the real dagger but it was hard to remain mad at him after the touching dance he shared with Belle that was a beautiful homage to the famous scene from Beauty and the Beast.

Towards the end, we discovered that Anna had set off to finish her and Elsa’s parent’s journey and we found out that she had never returned.  After visiting Mr. Gold’s pawn shop, Elsa found a trinket of Anna’s and vowed to find her. The destination that Anna and her parents had been heading towards?  None other than the Enchanted Forest!

So after a strong season premiere, Once Upon A Time has set up some promising storylines for the rest of the season.  Will Emma be able to deal with her guilt over Regina’s heartbreak enough to have a romance with Hook?  Will Elsa find her sister?  Will Belle find out about Rumpelstiltskin’s betrayal?  Will Snow and Charming be able to be good parents to both Emma and baby Neal?  And who wrote the famous fairytale book?  It’s time to build a snowman, sit back and watch the journey unfold.

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