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Sleepy Hollow: War Has Arrived

By anna
In Reviews
September 23, 2014

After a season one finale that left sleepyheads everywhere screaming for more, season 2 finally kicked off with its season premiere last night.  Once it started, everything seemed a little strange.  We jumped ahead one year on Ichabod’s birthday with him and Abbie having a little celebration.  After the party, the two of them set off to find Benjamin Franklin’s key after realizing it would help them defeat Molick.

Speaking of Ben Franklin, we got to meet the famous inventor and er…probably saw a lot more of him than any of us really wanted to.  Ichabod certainly didn’t seem thrilled to see Franklin running around outside without proper clothing but that’s all a part of the humor that Sleepy Hollow is known for.

SHGroupAfter the flashbacks, Abbie and Ichabod went to talk to Henry Parish, aka Jeremy Crane, Ichabod and Katrina’s son. He tricked the two of them into telling him about Franklin’s key and that was when everything stopped and in true, Sleepy Hollow fashion, we realized this had all been a dream and the whole thing ended with Ichabod waking up in the coffin that had imprisoned him in last season’s finale.  Well, that twist definitely made the first ten minutes make a lot more sense and from here on out, the episode had plenty of action.

Right around this time, Ichabod managed to break out of the coffin MacGyver style and rushed to find help.  He immediately contacted Jenny, who turned out to survive her car wreck but had gotten caught by a couple of demons.  She gave Ichabod her location and he happened to be nearby. The two of them managed to escape after Ichabod poorly attempted to drive an escape vehicle.  Jenny ended up taking over the driving since they didn’t have cars back in Ichabod’s day.

After escaping, the pair made their way back to the place where the doors to Purgatory can be opened.  Ichabod chanted the spell and made his way into the Hellish dimension.  He and Abbie were reunited and he encouraged her to take a drink of water because apparently he thought she looked thirsty.  But all the fans who watched Sleepy Hollow before will know, never eat or drink anything if it’s offered to you in Purgatory!

In another plot twist, the real Ichabod Crane happened to show up just in the nick of time to stop the demon impersonating him from trapping Abbie’s soul forever.  The two of them then got into a fight and after the fight; Ichabod hurried over to Abbie and told her they had to escape.  But once again, the fake Ichabod was trying to trick Abbie but failed this time when he forgot to address her by the name Ichabod usually called her.  Abbie solved the problem by chopping off his head, which definitely works with the theme of the show, and she and Ichabod were reunited.  Ichabod kept his promise and the two of them made it home safely and Abbie was also reunited with Jenny.

As if we didn’t have enough drama going on, in the midst of all this, Katrina has found herself kidnapped by the headless horseman aka Abraham.  Abraham makes it clear that he believes Katrina is his one true love and that Ichabod stole her from him.  Katrina insists that she chose Ichabod and he is her love but Abraham doesn’t seem interested in listening to her.  This seems like the start of another live triangle.  Well, at least it’s not one between two brothers this time.

So, Sleepy Hollow gave us a pretty great season premiere and set up the tone for the rest of the season nicely. It was a bit clunky in the beginning with the dream sequence but once it got back to where it left off at the end of season one, the episode flowed well.  If the first episode is a taste of what’s to come, we all need to hold on to our heads because season 2 looks like a wild ride!

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