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Castle 7X02 Review: I Forgot To Remember

By anna
In Recaps
October 12, 2014

The second episode of season 7 continued the mystery the season premiere left us with.  Where on earth was Castle when he was missing for two months?  Unfortunately, we still don’t have the answers to that.  In fact, we have more questions than ever after the latest episode.

NATHAN FILLIONDesperate to find out exactly where he was for two months, Castle offered a reward while on a talk show for anyone that had the answer to his mysterious disappearance.  Beckett got frustrated with him after the talk show and told him he shouldn’t have done that because tons of people would now call with fake answers in an attempt to win Castle’s reward.  Castle assured her that wouldn’t happen but much to her annoyance, Beckett turned out to be right.

While they were solving a regular case of the week, Beckett told Castle that fan-favorite couple, Esposito and Laine (affectionately deemed Esplainey by Castle himself) are now back together.  This was a smart decision by the writing team. The two work well together and none of their other relationships were quiet as good.

Castle received a phone call from someone asking if he wanted to know the truth.  Desperate to find answers, he took a trip to Montreal Canada with Alexis.  This didn’t give them the answers they were hoping for however and the two of them returned home.  But, Castle ended up going back there alone after receiving more clues that led him back there.

It was then that he met a man who seemed to know everything about the missing two months from his memory.  Castle tried to get him to tell him what happened but in a stunning turn of events, the man said that Castle himself was the one who wanted to forget and refused to give him the information he was searching for.  More confused than ever, Castle returned home.

He found a worried Beckett and gave her some new evidence that he had stumbled upon while in Montreal.  It was a hard drive and the two of them put it in the computer, to find a video of Castle basically giving a farewell to Beckett.  He looked stressed and worried and said if she was watching this, he was probably already dead.  He had made the same video for Alexis and Martha.  Castle and Beckett went home.  More troubled than ever.

After they had gotten home, Castle decided that he wanted to get married the next day.  Beckett told him now wasn’t the time because of everything that they had been through.  Castle reluctantly agreed and the two of them decided to give it a month and if they still wanted to, they would go ahead and finally get married.

While it’s a little frustrating that the wedding is delayed again, this is the best decision they could have made for their relationship.  They need to get reacquainted with each other and Castle needs to deal with his missing two months.  A trial like this can only make them an even stronger couple.  And it will be more rewarding than ever when we finally reach their wedding day.

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