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Castle 7X03 Review: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

By anna
In Recaps
October 21, 2014

Sometimes, Castle works at its best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and this week’s episode was highly enjoyable and entertaining when it was discovered that the case of the week suspect wasn’t the usual suspect.  Rather, it looked extremely possible that it could be none other than the invisible man.

After returning to the precinct with Beckett to try to get his life back to normal, Castle was overjoyed to see that their case might be filled with the supernatural this week which gave us some classic Castle theories that only he could come up.  Beckett rolled her eyes and brushed aside his theories but things got a little weird when Beckett and Castle went back to the crime scene.

The two of them at first found it exactly like how it had been left but then Beckett thought she heard something.  They began to get uneasy but discovered that a key card the victim had left behind might come in handy.  It was then that they began to get attacked.  The only issue was they couldn’t stop their attacker because they were invisible!  Beckett saw Castle get punched by what appeared to be nothing with her own eyes and the attacker finally ran off.  Beckett panicked, believing the person had taken the key card they needed but Castle told her not to worry since he had swapped it with his credit card beforehand.

While Castle and Beckett were off looking for this mysterious invisible man, Esposito noticed that Ryan seemed to be hiding something.  He pointed out that Ryan had glitter all over him but Ryan quickly brushed it off.  In a hilarious moment, Esposito eventually got the truth out of Ryan and he admitted that he had taken a job protecting male strippers to earn extra money for him and Jenny.  At least Ryan wasn’t cheating on his wife.

Beckett and Castle returned home, wanting to take a break from the case.  The two of them decided to make up for lost time and almost immediately started making out.  It was so great seeing a scene like this between them because we really haven’t seen a lot of this since late season 4.  However, the paranoia of their case followed them home, and they got paranoid that they were being watched by someone invisible.  Castle came up with an idea and set a booby trap in case the invisible man showed up.  It did work but just some friendly advice: you might want to close your door if you plan on er…private couple moments so that you don’t risk your mother in law walking in on you.

Going back to the case, Castle and Beckett got closer to solving the mystery when they found a technological company that was developing an invisibility suit.  The company admitted that China had stolen some of their ideas and that gave Castle and Beckett the answer they needed.  They discovered who had killed the victim and indeed, she was wearing one of those invisibility suits.  They captured her and the case was solved.

Castle and Beckett returned home and this time, they made sure that they had the house to themselves.  And the two of them shared a romantic night together.  It was nice seeing the two of them get to be happy together after two months apart.

So it wasn’t the invisible man but the invisible woman this week. What will next week’s case bring us?  We will have to wait and see.  Mondays really aren’t so bad when we have a new episode of Castle to look forward to!


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