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Castle 7X04 Review: Child’s Play

By anna
In Recaps
October 23, 2014

This week, Castle started off with the usual case of the week, but this time, the victim was an Ice Cream truck man.  When the team investigated the scene of the crime, they discovered a permission slip that a young school child would have.  That caused the team to send Castle undercover to the local Elementary school and chaos and hilarity quickly ensued.

This type of episode is what Castle does best and it was great having an episode that focused heavily on Castle himself.  As soon as he started his work at the school, he had trouble controlling the class of 2nd graders that they guessed the victim was from.  He had erasers and marbles thrown at him and he was completely overwhelmed.

It was hilarious watching Castle attempt to hold his own with the kids and he did end up getting outsmarted by them a couple times.  However, he slowly won them over and gained their trust, even getting one of them to open up to him.  The one he got to open up, Emily, told him she saw something bad the other night which Castle immediately assumed was her witnessing the crime.  He had a princess tea party with her (which is probably something he used to do with Alexis) but was disappointed when she said the something bad was one of the boys teasing her.  Castle gave her some great advice, telling her sometimes people were just mean but you had to learn to be stronger than them.  She took his advice to heart, which was unfortunate for that boy because she ended up punching him in the face.

After that, Castle got in trouble with the school and was asked to leave because he didn’t seem to be achieving any results for the case.  In a desperate move, he asked the class to draw a picture, thinking that one of them would draw about witnessing the crime scene.  Unfortunately, none of the drawings pictured that in any way.  However, Castle was in luck because just as he was leaving, he found that someone had indeed slipped a drawing of an ice cream truck in his coat pocket.

Castle and Leslie (the teacher he was working with) compared the drawing to all the other drawings and found a match from one of the kids.  They called him in there and while at first he was reluctant to give them info, he finally admitted that his sister told him he could never tell anyone what happened that night.  They told him they could help his sister and he finally told them the whole story.  They tracked his sister down (who we had in fact seen earlier in the episode) and she told them what she had witnessed.  They were able to solve the case as usual and everything worked out.

But that wasn’t the end of the episode, earlier in the episode; we realized that Alexis was following Castle’s every move, even putting a tracker on his phone.  It’s understandable after he disappeared for two months but Castle knew he would have to talk to her about this.  In one of the best scenes of the episode, he came in with two scooters and told her she couldn’t worry about him.  She said she knew that but couldn’t help it because he had been gone for two months.  Castle said he understood but that he was back now and that she needed to be a kid again.  Then the two of them rode off on the scooters to get ice cream in a lovely father-daughter scene. Hopefully we get some more of those this season!

There wasn’t a lot of Beckett this week but the scenes with Castle were so funny and cute it’s hard to complain about that. I personally wouldn’t mind if Castle became a substitute teacher so we could see him in the classroom every once in a while!

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