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Castle: Whatever Happened To Richard Castle?

By anna
In Recaps
October 3, 2014

In last season’s finale, Castle fans thought they were getting the episode of their dreams because Castle and Beckett were preparing for their wedding day.  Just before it was time for them to walk down the aisle, Beckett got a phone call and her world came crashing down.  She rushed away from the wedding venue to discover that Castle, her beloved fiancé’s car had been forced off the side of the road and the episode ended literally in flames as Castle’s car burned in fire.

As the long, agonizing summer hiatus finally came to an end this week, season 7 finally debuted its premiere episode picking up immediately where season 6 left off.  While Beckett anxiously waited for news, we discovered, thankfully, that Castle hadn’t actually been in the car.  The only question is: where on earth was Castle himself? This of course, inspired a man hunt with the 12th precinct, his family and the FBI desperate to find the missing author.

Soon after the investigation started, Esposito, Ryan and Beckett discovered some shocking news.  After surveying a video, they saw none other than Castle himself dropping off a bag of money and walking away.  This brought up a huge question that none of them could answer.  If Castle was indeed walking around and in seemingly good shape, why hadn’t he come back to his loved ones and let them know he was safe?  Unfortunately, none of them had an answer and they were no closer to finding him.

As the search for Castle continued, we saw that two months passed but Beckett refused to give up the search for him.  In a shocking twist of events, Castle was finally found passed out in a boat.  He was taken to the hospital but remained unconscious for a period of time.  While Castle was unconscious, Laine checked him out herself and made a few discoveries.  There was a bullet wound on Castle and a Key in the inside line of his jeans.  This was just another set of clues for Beckett to attempt to figure out.

After all this, Castle finally woke up and genuinely seemed pleased to see Beckett again.  He apologized for putting a stop in their wedding plans but that is where things got even more mysterious.  Beckett asked him where he’d been and the last thing he remembered was the black SUV pushing him off the road and then waking up in the hospital.  He apparently had no recollection at all of the past two months and seemed shocked when Beckett revealed that is how long he had been missing.

After recovering in the hospital, Castle returned home with his family.  When he and Beckett were settling down in their bedroom for the night, Beckett finally admitted just how much she had been affected by his disappearance.  Castle seemed to feel guilty for all the stress and worry she had had over him and in a touching scene, the two of them admitted that things couldn’t just pick up where they had left off.  But Caskett fans needn’t worry too much, it seems like Castle and Beckett will do their best to help each other out through this mysterious crisis.

After a pretty strong premiere, Castle season 7 has set up a strong promising storyline. If they do it right, they can really help us learn even more about Castle’s character if they delve into his mysterious two month disappearance.  Is he pretending that he doesn’t remember for some unknown reason?  Does he genuinely not remember what happened to him?  Whatever the case, this is an excellent set up to help us learn more about him and his past.  And let’s not forget, there’s still the possibility of a Caskett wedding in the future.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the mystery unfolds.

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