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Once Upon A Time 4X02: The Meek Shepard Becomes A Brave Prince

By anna
In Recaps
October 11, 2014

The second episode of season 4 aired this Sunday night and definitely kept the momentum going from last week’s season premiere.  The episode picked up where last week left off with Elsa freezing the entry to Storybrooke so no one could enter or leave.  Once David discovered the problem, he called Emma to let her know what was going on so that the two of them could figure out what was causing the issue.  They set off and were later joined by Hook.

In an accident caused by Elsa losing control of her magic, Emma ended up trapped in an icy cave with her causing David and Hook both to panic and fear for Emma’s safety.  That was when Once used more of the brilliant connection the Frozen characters had to the Storybrooke residents and they did it in a way so seamlessly, it’s like the stories were always meant to go together.

It turns out that David has a big connection with none other than Anna and Kristoff! It was then that the episode did their normal Enchanted Story flashback and we went back to before David became a prince.  He met Anna and quickly put the pieces together that she and Kristoff were now engaged.  As the two of them talked, we met the overlord who David seemed a little afraid of and she turned out to be…Bo Peep? But it’s not the sweet Bo you know from fairytales.  In one of their classic twists, Once made Bo a ruthless villain who laid down the law after telling David and his mother that if they weren’t able to pay her that month’s rent, she would take their farm.  In a sense that we’re not quiet used to, David meekly backed off rather than standing up to her and fighting for his family.

After realizing that he knew Elsa’s sister, David first made sure that Emma was all right.  And we saw some great subtle character development in this moment when she called him dad without hesitation.  Emma has come a long way from season 1 and we’ve seen her getting closer to her parents a little at a time.  After assuring her father and Hook that she was alright for now, David and Hook went off to try to find Anna and Emma was left with Elsa.

While David and Hook searched for Anna, we saw more flashbacks with Anna and David.  Anna encouraged David, telling him that he should stand up for his family but he said it wasn’t worth risking everything for.  After giving him some advice, David finally listened to her and we learned Anna was the one who taught him how to swordfight!  The friendship they built between David and Anna was a unique twist that worked brilliantly because it somehow just works that these two knew each other and they had a great friendship chemistry.  Anna was the push David needed to become the prince he is today.

What also worked extremely well is the bond they built between Emma and Elsa in this episode.  Emma told Elsa that she understood what she was going through because she also was unable to completely control her magic.  This calmed Elsa down but she was unable to stop the ice from melting to get Emma out of the cold air.  David and Hook were then alerted that Emma was freezing to death and they realized they wouldn’t be able to find Anna in time.

In the midst of all this, Mary Marguet found herself elected mayor after Regina stepped down from the position and Henry found out Regina didn’t want to see him.  Henry felt hurt while Mary Marguet attempted to help the town with the blackout but the pressure got to her after she screamed at everyone that they had lived without electricity for years and that they could just buy a flashlight.  Thankfully, she managed to get the electricity back on eventually and Henry refused to give up on Regina, who finally allowed him to see her in a touching reunion.

David and Hook made it back to Elsa just as the cold was really starting to harm Emma.  David talked to Elsa and promised her he would help her find Anna because he owed her everything.  After hearing the promise of finding her sister, Elsa was finally able to melt a hole through the ice and Emma was reunited with David and Hook who immediately took her to get warm.

Once has done an excellent job creating bonds with the Frozen characters and Storybrooke characters and it looks like that will continue.  However, at the end of the episode, we realized someone else has the ability to create ice like Elsa.  Who is this and is she somehow related to Anna and Elsa?  We need to keep watching to unravel the mystery.


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