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Once Upon A Time 4X03 Review: A Helping Hand

By anna
In Recaps
October 20, 2014

In the latest episode of Once Upon A Time, love was in the air as Emma finally decided to ask Hook to go out on a date.  Would things work out for this couple or would they be better off not getting together?  And just where exactly did Anna disappear to? We got some answers and even more questions.

After Emma asked Hook if he would want to go out, Hook quickly agreed if he could plan the evening.  Emma reluctantly agreed and he went to visit Mr. Gold.  Hook asked Mr. Gold if he would give him his hand back and after a bit of blackmail, Gold r did as he asked.  He reattached Hook’s hand but warned him there could be consequences.  Hook ignored him and went to pick up Emma.

When Hook arrived at her apartment, Snow and Charming acted like typical parents, complete with Snow snapping pictures and Charming being the overprotective parent.  The whole scene was amusing and it was nice to see regular family stuff for the Charmings.  Emma looked surprised when she realized Hook had both his hands and Hook was delighted.  The two of them went to a fancy restaurant but of course they can’t just have a relaxing night out. Their date was interrupted by Will Scarlett and in a surprising moment, Hook threatened him, using his newly acquired hand.  Will ran off and Emma decided to leave him alone for the time being so that she and Hook could try to enjoy the rest of their date but Hook looked unsettled at his behavior.

After the date, Hook went back to Mr. Gold, wanting his hook back.  Gold told him he would if Hook agreed to help him with something.  Hook tried to refuse, but finally gave in and agreed.  Satisfied, Mr. Gold had Hook meet him at the docks and the two of them went to the apprentice’s house.  We saw the apprentice in a series of flashbacks and he happened to be guarding something that Rumpelstiltskin desperately wanted.

In the flashbacks, we saw Anna meet Rumpelstiltskin who told her he would help her if she did him a favor.  Anna agreed but realized that Rumpelstiltskin wanted her to poison the apprentice.  Unable to do the deed, Anna dumped the potion out instead and later went back to Rumpelstiltskin.  He quickly realized that she hadn’t done what he asked of her and Anna was horrified to learn that the potion was actually not poison but an antidote.  It was sadly too late to help the apprentice and Rumpelstiltskin gained what he needed.  He sent Anna home after telling her that her parents had been searching for ways to free Elsa of her magic.  After reuniting with Kristoff, Anna admitted that she didn’t know what she would tell her parents.

Hook and Gold found the apprentice’s house and Gold used the hat we were shown a couple weeks ago to capture him.  Then he gave Hook his hook back but said he still needed his help.  Hook tried to refuse but was unable too, having nothing left to blackmail Gold with.  In a surprising twist, Gold revealed the Hook wasn’t cursed after all but that having two hands gave Hook the power he lost when he lost his hand.

Meanwhile, Henry, determined to help Regina change the fairytale book, decided to go undercover and work at Gold’s shop.  Gold decided to hire him and Henry set to work.

This episode gave us some more details about where Anna had gone on her journey but still hasn’t revealed why Elsa doesn’t know where she is.  We also got some great insight into Hook’s character.  Does the hand make the man or is the man strong enough to overcome its power?  And why is the Snow Queen following Emma around town?  Next week, Once is doing a Halloween special. Don’t miss it!

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