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Once Upon A Time 4X03 Review: The Weather Outside Is Frightful

By anna
In Recaps
October 13, 2014

Tonight’s episode opened with the residents of Storybrooke gathering in what Mary Margaret called “a fireside chat” to discuss recent events and it was clear all of them were worried about the recent weather.  Mary Margaret assured them that the issue would be taken care of and everyone agreed that it would if they would go ahead and arrest Elsa, who seemed like the most likely culprit.

However, David and Emma refused to arrest Elsa, believing that she was innocent and the three of them set off to search for whoever had caused all of the problems.  Henry and Regina had lunch together while Regina brought up Henry’s fairytale book.  Henry admitted he had no idea who had written it but thought it would be a great idea to try to change it to give Regina a happy ending.  In a scenario extremely reminiscent of season 1, the two of them decided to go on a secret mission called Operation Mongoose instead of Operation Cobra.  But before the two of them could plan any farther, Robin showed up saying he desperately needed Regina’s help.

Regina and Henry went with Robin to discover that Marian was slowly freezing to death.  Regina said she believed that true love’s kiss might break the spell and Robin quickly agreed to try it.  He gave Marian a passionate kiss but…nothing happened.  She remained frozen.  David said that he had seen something similar like this happen to Frederik and Regina said that true love’s kiss didn’t necessarily break every spell but that she had a solution to the problem that she would use if Robin trusted her completely.  Robin said he did and she set to work.

Once_Upon_a_Time_4x03David and Emma set off in an attempt to find out who was behind all the weather issues while Hook went off with Elsa to keep her safe and also attempt to find out who was behind it.  Hook and Elsa decided to stop by Mr. Gold’s shop first.  He assured them that he had no idea who was behind all this.  He even let Belle use the dagger on him to show them that he was being honest.  Too bad Belle doesn’t have the real dagger though.  Hook however, knew Mr. Gold too well to know that he would let anyone else have his dagger and later confronted him.  To keep Hook quiet, Mr. Gold gave him and Elsa information to look for who was causing the weather damage in Storybrooke.

While David and Emma searched the woods, they found someone who will have a familiar face to those that watched Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.  Will Scarlett aka the Knave of Hearts.  Emma and David managed to capture him after he attempted to outrun them and they accused him of being the one who had caused all the icy accidents.  He claimed to have evidence of who was really behind all this and the two of them followed him to the local ice cream shop cleverly called Any Given Sundae.

Once they reached the ice cream shop, they saw it was closed for the day.  Will told them that when the electricity issues had happened, the ice cream shop was mysteriously working and the ice cream remained frozen while every other store was out of business for those few hours.  To his annoyance, Emma and David still didn’t believe him and he insisted that they go check out the back of the store to see that he was right.  They both went to look at his word and saw that he was indeed right.  However, as David and Emma should have known, you never turn your back on a thief.  They realized their mistake when they heard the bell on the door ring and they rushed back outside but were too late to stop Will before he had taken all the money and disappeared again.

David told Emma Will wasn’t the most important thing and Emma reluctantly agreed that it was more important to go help Elsa.  Before they could find Elsa and Hook, the ice cream lady, who isn’t just any ice cream lady, found them.  In a flashback, we saw that Hans was looking for ways to stop Elsa’s magic.  He hasn’t changed much from the movie has he?  Kristoff and Elsa went together to stop him but Hans cornered Kristoff, threating to kill him if Elsa didn’t hand over the urn they had found.  She reluctantly handed it over despite Kristoff’s pleads that she didn’t.  Hans gleefully opened it after releasing Kristoff and revealed what was inside it.  To his horror, it was another snow queen with powers similar to Elsa!  She took care of Hans and his men and later revealed to a stunned Elsa that she was her mother’s sister.  Say what?!

But mysteriously, Elsa didn’t remember this woman when she met her in the forest.  Her mother’s sister (if that is really who she claims to be) trapped Hook by freezing his feet in place while putting dangerous icicles above his head.  Before Hook could be seriously harmed, David and Elsa showed up in the nick of time.  David attempted to cut Hook free from his icy trap (these two have come so far since they first met!)  but was unable to.  The new snow queen attempted to attack both of them, but Emma stopped her with her magic, sending the snow queen away.

A little while after this incident, we got back to Robin and Regina.  Regina apologized for true love’s kiss not breaking the spell but Robin admitted that he knew why it hadn’t really worked.  He was in love with someone else.  Regina realized that he was still in love with her but didn’t act on the impulse.  Henry returned with the object Regina needed from her vault and Regina ripped Marian’s heart out of her chest.  They were in luck!  The ice hadn’t reached Marian’s heart yet which meant she could remain alive.  They would have to search for a cure to unfreeze her though.

Hook confronted Emma determined to ask her why she still didn’t trust him and it was then that Emma said she did trust him.  In a lovely, romantic moment, Emma revealed that she was afraid of losing Hook because she had lost everyone else that she had loved: Graham, Neal and Walsh.  Hook told her that he was pretty good at surviving and the two of them shared a passionate, loving kiss in the middle of the road.  Thankfully they didn’t get hit by any cars!

At the end of the episode, the new Snow Queen ran into Mr. Gold in the woods and it should be no surprise that the two of them knew each other.  Mr. Gold asked her if Emma had remembered her and she said no.  Wait, what?  Emma and the new Snow Queen know each other?  How and why?  She told Mr. Gold that she knew how to deal with him and then went on her way.  Just exactly who is this woman?  If she really is the sister of Elsa and Anna’s mother, then how does she know Emma?  Can we have next week’s episode now please?


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