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The Flash Premiere Review: Lightning Strikes Gold

By anna
In Recaps
October 12, 2014

the flash 1x01Following the huge success of Arrow, the CW created a spin-off show titled The Flash.  Superhero shows are getting more and more popular and it’s inevitable that some will be better than others.  How does The Flash compare to the others?  It may well be one of the best shows of its genre and is one of the best new shows this year.

The pilot episode moved along almost at break-neck speed but in a show centered on the fastest man alive, is any other speed really appropriate?  I don’t think so and the quick pace made the Pilot more enjoyable.

We were introduced to Barry Allen who works with the police department.  We slowly learned his backstory and in a tragic turn of events, his mother was murdered when he was really young and his dad, though innocent of the crime, was found to be guilty of the incident.

About 10 minutes into the episode, a bad storm was brewing and before Barry could close up his lab, he was struck by a bolt of lightning that sent him into a nine month coma.  When he finally awoke, he slowly discovered that he wasn’t quite the same as he was before the lightning.  The biggest change?  He now had super speed.

Now in a lot of superhero shows, this is the point where the hero laments the fact that they have powers and moan the responsibility that comes with it.  Thankfully this is not the case with The Flash.  In a refreshing turn, Barry actually seems to enjoy his powers and wanted to have fun with them while protecting people that needed help.

The Flash also has a strong cast of supporting characters.  There’s Detective West and his daughter Iris who practically raised Barry once his dad was sent to prison.  Barry has developed a crush on Iris but sadly, she doesn’t feel the same as she is dating her dad’s detective partner, Eddie, who is the pretty boy on the team and very smug.  Then you have the team working at Star Labs.  There’s Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon the two lab assistants who seem happy to help Barry and the head Lab guy, Harrison Wells who is already hiding secrets of his own.

With a great cast and storyline, the CW has a huge potential hit on their hands.  If The Flash showed this much promise in its Pilot episode, there’s hope for more great things in the rest of the season.  Viewers will be racing to their TV screens eager for the next episode, wishing they too were faster than a speeding bullet.


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