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The Originals 2X02 Review: All In The Family

By anna
In Recaps
October 15, 2014

One of the Originals’ strengths is when the show decides to focus on the dysfunctional Mikaelson family and it did that in spades with this week’s episode.  Now that all the Mikaelsons have returned to the living except Henrik (who died before he ever became a vampire RIP) it was only a matter of time before they all found out about each other and that time finally came.

Alive and KickingWhere to begin.  Davina is still keeping Mikael locked in the attic and he is getting more and more frustrated.  However, she refuses to release him, wanting to make sure that Klaus dying won’t cause her friends to die (because of that pesky bloodline thing).  Davina made plans to meet with Kaleb but he ended up standing her up.

As we all know, Kaleb is actually Kol Mikaelson and Esther wants him to find out whatever secrets Davina may be keeping.  That wasn’t all Kol was up to this episode though.  In a series of flashbacks, we found out why he was daggered and well, you can’t really blame Klaus and Elijah for wanting to stop their brother from a state wide massacre right?  Especially when you’re evil father is hunting you down.  However, Kol ended up getting undaggered for awhile because Klaus was getting jealous of Elijah’s close relationship with Marcel.

In another great series of flashbacks, we saw why Elijah and Marcel never seem to see eye to eye with each other.  Marcel actually seemed to be a bit closer to Elijah once upon a time but Klaus, always needing to be the center of attention to those he loves, undaggered Kol so that he could have some company.  That probably wasn’t the best idea because Kol acted destructively again, coming close to putting Marcel’s life in danger.  After helping Klaus dagger Kol again, Elijah did the only thing he could think of to protect Marcel and keep him safe.  He pushed him away, despite the hurt that caused both of them. Elijah is also doing the same thing in present time.  Despite his feelings for Hayley, he’s letting Klaus teaching her to be a Hybrid and pushing her away from him.  They don’t call Elijah the noble one for nothing.

Speaking of Elijah, he was determined tonight to find the white oak stake.  He quickly deduced that Davina had it or at least knew where it was and he was right.  He went with Marcel and asked her to give him the stake but she refused.  He ended up finding it later on but not in a place that he could ever have dreamed of.

Kaleb decided to take Davina out to dinner to make up for standing her up and Davina agreed to meet with him.  Halfway through their dinner, they were attacked by a pack of werewolves.  Davina tried fighting them and called on Mikael to help her.  He finally got free from the attic and attacked the wolves, shocking Kaleb who obviously didn’t expect to see him alive again, just as Elijah showed up, saving Davina in the nick of time.

It was in that moment that Elijah realized his father was alive.  But the two of them didn’t have a happy reunion.  Far from it.  Rather than telling his son how glad he was to see him, Mikael actually tried killing him with the white oak stake but Marcel helped Davina regain control of Mikael and they saved Elijah.

While all this was going on, Klaus went to meet up with Cassie.  As the two of them talked, Klaus grew more and more uncomfortable, realizing that Cassie reminded him of someone.   After their meeting, Klaus met back with Elijah swearing that Cassie was their mother back from the dead because he had seen it in her eyes.  Elijah then admitted that he had seen their father alive as well which brought up the most important question: which of their parents should they kill first?

After this, Kaleb went back to Vincent and Cassie and the three of them dropped the charade, knowing they could be themselves around each other.  Kol didn’t seem so pleased with his new body, telling his mother this was the first time he had had a scar in years.  Finn tried to calm him down but Esther nearly killed Kol again, saying that he was only alive again at her mercy.  She asked Kol if he had found any secrets that Davina was hiding and he said no, neglecting to tell her that her husband had also returned from the dead.  Esther seemed satisfied.

Now that they know their parents are alive, will Elijah and Klaus work together to take them down?  And what happens when they find out their brothers are also alive?  Will Elijah finally allow himself to be happy without worrying about Klaus’s feelings and will Marcel manage to rebuild the huge vampire army he wants?  The only thing we can definitely say for now is, Mikael and Esther certainly won’t be winning awards for parents of the year anytime soon.

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