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The Originals 2X03 Review: A Mother’s Love

By anna
In Recaps
October 22, 2014

In this week’s episode, Klaus and Elijah received an invitation to dinner from their mother.  They reluctantly accepted the invitation, only to attempt to figure out just what exactly she was up to.  In a series of flashbacks, we discovered that mommy dearest has a very warped view on how to love and what exactly love is.

For those that watched The Vampire Diaries, you will know that Finn seemed to be the one closest to Esther.  In a surprising twist, in the flashbacks we saw that Esther and Klaus were actually very close once upon a time.  Esther found Klaus hiding in the woods from his father and comforted him just like any other mother would.  Then she told him that he was the most special of all her children and gave him a necklace that she told him would make him strong.  He never took it off after that.

The family dinner finally happened and Klaus and Elijah were taken by surprise as “Vincent” appeared.  While they were confused over his arrival, he informed them that Esther was there.  They grew even more surprised when he joined them at the table and seemed to know them eerily well.  Then Klaus put the puzzle together and realized “Vincent” was actually their oldest brother, Finn.  It almost seemed a bit out of character that Elijah wasn’t the first to recognize him.  He’s usually the best at figuring out someone’s true identity but he probably had other things, like the impending arrival of their mother, on his mind.

Finally Esther arrived and things got even more intense.  She finally revealed her plans to her sons.  She wanted to give them new bodies so they would no longer be monstrous creatures.  Klaus and Elijah were not happy with the news and an argument broke out.  Esther promised them they would soon beg for her to give them new bodies because of how much pain they would be in and that when the time came, she would gladly do it because she loved them so much.  Wow, er, maybe try showing your motherly love in a sweeter way Esther.  After all, you can’t blame Elijah and Klaus for wanting to keep their bodies.

In a heartbreaking twist, we discovered that the necklace Esther gave Klaus when he was a young boy actually made him weaker not stronger.  So all the times Klaus was beaten by his father could have been avoided if he hadn’t worn the necklace.  His mother stated that she was just trying to protect Klaus and keep him from becoming a werewolf but Klaus knew Esther just wanted to keep her affair secret.  He was understandably upset but before he could attack, Esther jumped into another body and Finn disappeared with her.

The major problem with Esther jumping into a new body is that she happened to choose the body of a witch who happened to be with Hayley at the time.  While helping Hayley with a spell, the witch Lenore’s body was taken over and Hayley realized instantly what was happening.  She quickly called Elijah, telling him his mother was with her but Esther quickly ended the call.  She then made Hayley the same offer she had made Elijah and Klaus.  She could give her a new body and a new life.  Hayley seemed to seriously consider Esther’s offer before Elijah and Klaus showed up.  They got Hayley away but before they could attempt to stop Esther, she disappeared once again.

In between all this, Marcel and Gia attempted to get Elijah to mentor Gia.  At first he refused but then reluctantly agreed towards the end of the episode.  In an awesome speech that only Daniel Gillies could do, he gave Gia a music lesson saying playing instruments was different for vampires and wasn’t the same as it is for humans.  Then he agreed to teach her how to be a vampire.  This storyline has all sorts of potential because we will get to see Elijah teaching someone how to be a vampire for the first time.  Sign me up for lessons!

One of the best scenes in the episode was one of the final ones between Elijah and Klaus.  The two brothers realized they needed to stick together now more than ever in this family mess and they gave each other some powerful pep talks.  Elijah told Klaus he was stronger than all of them while Klaus said the rest of the family would do well to be as wise as Elijah.  Daniel and Joseph have incredible chemistry as brothers and it is delightful to watch their scenes together.

A big question the episode left us hanging with is will Esther succeed in her plan to give everyone new bodies?  I sort of hope not.  While it may be the same characters, it wouldn’t be the same actors and it’s hard to imagine anyone but Joseph, Daniel and Phoebe as Klaus, Elijah and Hayley respectively.  Still, this is one heck of a storyline and is much stronger than the daggering storyline this time last season.


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