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The Originals Premiere Review: By The Light Of The Moon

By anna
In Recaps
October 11, 2014

Season 2 finally premiered on Monday after much anticipation and heavy promotion.  Season 1 ended with a bang that left everyone impressed and saying this shows was just as good as, if not better than, The Vampire Diaries.  The only question on Monday was: could The Originals keep its momentum that season 1 left off with?  The answer is a resounding yes.

Just like The Vampire Diaries, the first episode opened up four months later where season 1 ended and we saw the aftermath of the battle of New Orleans.  While the Mikaelson brothers and Hayley had to continue their charade of grief over the loss of baby Hope, the Guerra werewolves took control of the French Quarter much to the displeasure of the vampires.  It was a new order that sent the vampires away from their home.

Marcel and Cami spent the summer together romantically which wasn’t so surprising given their storyline in season 1.  Cami admitted she was determined to stay out of all the supernatural stuff if she could while Marcel was busy trying to rebuild his vampire army.  Josh seems to be his new right hand man as the two of them looked for recruits.  However, Josh got frustrated as Marcel kept turning more of his recruits down.

In the meantime, Davina is still keeping Mikael locked up in the attic as her pet.  Mikael seems displeased at the prospect that he is now Davina’s prisoner as he grows more and more thirsty for blood.  Davina also meets Kaleb.  A new, handsome witch that has arrived in the corner and it’s obvious that Davina has her eyes on him.  While all this is going on, we see Esther and realize that the son she brought back with her was none other than Finn Mikaelson.

Now, everyone who knows Klaus Mikaelson knows he isn’t one to sit idly by for long and we discover that he and Elijah have been plotting to take down the werewolves.  The two of them plan to strike at the next full moon to take care of the moonlight problem that leaves Klaus weakened once a month.  They enlist the help of Marcel and Hayley, who has her own issues to deal with.

Hayley is struggling to adjust to her new life as a hybrid.  Not only does she have the temper of a wolf but she now has the appetite of a vampire to go along with it and she is certainly thirsty for blood.  Klaus and Elijah promise her that Hayley will have her revenge on Francesca.

Once the full moon arrives, the action really kicks in as Elijah, Hayley and Marcel go on a wolf hunt to steal the moonlight rings that weaken Klaus.  Klaus starts painting in the midst of the fight, but true to Klaus’s nature, it’s not just regular paint.  He prefers using his enemy’s blood and he certainly has plenty of it as he fights the enemies that attempt to attack him one by one.

In a scene that practically steals the show, Elijah shows why it is foolish to underestimate him.  He arrives at the hideout Francesca is using but she does not seem worried in the slightest, telling him that he needs to be invited in.  In the coolest lesson of real estate knowledge ever, Elijah calmly tells her that the house is actually not owned by her and he is free to enter if he so pleases.  Francesca loses her cool as she foolishly claims that he’s wrong but in a swagger of coolness only Elijah Mikaelson can deliver, he calmly raises his foot over the threshold of the house and enters.  We then see a splatter of blood hit the window and it’s obvious what went down.

Elijah returns back to the family home and tells Klaus about the meeting with Francesca and Klaus, almost disappointed, assumes that Elijah allowed her to escape.  Elijah denies that and we see that he allowed Hayley to be the one to kill her, keeping his and Klaus’s promise after all.

After that, Hayley returns home to find Elijah starting to pack up the nursery and the site causes her to lose her control.  She immediately stops Elijah and tells him this is her room and that she’ll decide what to do with it.  Elijah immediately backs off and in a heartbreaking confession, Hayley tells him he doesn’t look at her the way he used to.  Elijah doesn’t deny it and it’s obvious Hayley becoming part vampire has caused some friction between them.  Hayley then leaves in tears and Elijah is too late to stop her, causing Haylijah shipper’s hearts to break everywhere.

Elijah then later admits to Klaus that he has no idea how to help Hayley since he doesn’t know what it’s like to be a hybrid and requests that Klaus help her.  Klaus agrees and tells Hayley he will help her through this.  Oh boy. This has the potential start of another love triangle between two brothers.

The twists and turns weren’t over yet though. At the end of the episode, we saw Esther talking to Finn again.  Finn doesn’t seem quiet used to his new body but then Kaleb arrives with a confident swagger, declaring that he loves his new body and it was then that we found out that not only had Esther brought back Finn but Kol too!

Now, most people aren’t really expecting a happy family reunion between the Mikaelsons and really, how could there be?  Mikael hunted his own children for centuries while Esther attempted to kill them all.  Klaus kept Finn and Kol daggered for hundreds of years.  It will be interesting to see what happens when Klaus and Elijah find out their parents and siblings are now alive.  And just what does Esther want with bringing her children back after she tried so hard to kill them? Season 2 definitely kicked off with a bang and it’s clear we’re in for a wild ride the rest of the season.  Will things work out after all for Hayley and Elijah?  Will Marcel rebuild his vampire army?  Will Mikael break free from the attack?  And what exactly is it does Esther want with all this?  Tune in next Monday to find out!


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