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The Vampire Diaries 6X02 Review: Love Hurts

By anna
In Recaps
October 12, 2014

If the first two episodes of season 6 are any indication, the season will just get better and better with each new episode because episode 2 proved to be even better than episode 1.  Our characters are still struggling but that’s what makes the story interesting right?  Just as long as there’s some moments of happiness to even out the sorrow.

Alaric seems to have agreed to compel Elena to forget Damon as the two of them are seen preparing to get ready for the process.  In order to do it correctly, Alaric tells Elena that he might need to dig around in her mind to find the right moment to erase and she tells him that she trusts him completely, which is a beautiful reminder of the close relationship they’ve shared in earlier seasons before he died.  Alaric reluctantly agrees and tells her they’ll get started when she says she’s ready.

TVDS6-6x02_004Caroline talks to Alaric and gets frustrated when she learns that basically everyone has given up searching for Bonnie and Damon when Alaric reveals that not quiet everyone has.  We then see Enzo (who makes a return after being absent from the premiere) and is…er…using seductive measures to attempt to get information from one of his leads.  The moment is interrupted by the arrival of Caroline, who Enzo seems pleased to see.

We go back to Alaric and Elena who have started the compulsion process.  Alaric starts digging through her mind to find out who Elena thinks Damon Salvatore is and we start a walk-through of Delena memory lane seeing some of the biggest moments of their relationship.  As they continue, Elena gets more and more upset before finally giving up.  She tells Alaric that this was a stupid idea and she can’t do it anymore.  She leaves and Alaric sighs, looking tired as he wonders what to do next.  He calls Caroline, telling her he needs the exact moment when Elena fell in love with Damon and Caroline says it was when she was still in love with Stefan.  Can you say awkward?  Alaric goes back to Elena and she falls apart saying she can’t admit the moment when she fell for him.  Alaric tells her it’s okay that she was in love with two people at once and Elena finally says it was when Damon gave her Stefan’s necklace on her birthday.  Then she tells Alaric she’s ready for him to compel her.  He finally does and when the moment she loved Damon is taken away from her, Elena is back to thinking Damon is a monster again.  It is clear how heartbroken Alaric is that he had to take that memory from Elena.

Matt is trying to keep an eye on Jeremy in Mystic Falls but is not doing so well at keeping him in line.  Jeremy is not dealing with the loss of Bonnie in the best way, having numerous girls over to their house to sleep with.  This leads to a bit of trouble for Matt because one of the girls that Jeremy seems particularly fond of is Sarah, whom Elena attacked last week.  Matt tells Jeremy Sarah can’t stay at their house anymore and Jeremy says it’s fine.  They’ll just stay at the Salvatore house in the meantime.  He leaves before Matt can stop him but in a heartbreaking scene, we find out Jeremy still hasn’t moved on from Bonnie.  He has been paying for her cellphone bill so that he can hear her voice while leaving voicemails to yell at her for telling him she was dying over the phone.  Poor Jeremy. Hopefully this kid can get some grief counselling or something soon because he desperately needs it.

Caroline and Enzo find out where Stefan is and he doesn’t seem too thrilled to see them because they have intruded on a dinner that he was planning for Ivy.  Ivy seems confused about everything going on and the situation gets completely awkward.  Caroline ends up compelling her to forget all this while taking her out of the room.  Stefan and Enzo get into a huge fight but Stefan manages to break Enzo’s neck.  Caroline confronts him about Stefan moving away and Stefan reveals that he searched for ways to get Damon and Bonnie back for months before he finally had to give up.  Caroline gets upset that he moved on completely, leaving her behind when she realizes that Stefan never listened to her calls.  She yells at him and leaves crying.  Enzo finally regains consciousness and sees Caroline crying.  He gets angry and confronts Stefan again, killing Ivy this time in the process. He then promises Stefan an eternity of misery every time it seems that he’s giving up on his brother again.

In the midst of all this, we discover that Bonnie and Damon are trapped somewhere in time. May 10, 1994 to be exact and they’re living the same day over and over.  Unable to figure out why they have gone to this exact day, they start trying to figure out ways of escape while eating the same breakfast and doing the same crossword puzzle over and over again.    But later, we find that the two of them are not alone because someone finished the crossword before Bonnie.  Who is it that is there with them?  Grams?  Lexi?  Katherine?  Someone else or someone we don’t know?  And why are they hiding from Damon and Bonnie?

In another shocking twist we find out just what Tripp is really up to.  Turns out he’s not just a community protection worker.  He is a Fell, a member of one of the founding families of Mystic Falls.  And he apparently knows all about vampires since he is since driving a truck load of them over the town lines so that they start dying and burning them to a crisp.  Uh-oh.  Maybe it’s good that the Mystic Falls gang can’t enter the town limits after all!

So many things are going on right now in season 6. Why were Bonnie and Damon sent to 1994?  Why does Tripp want to get rid of the vampires when they can’t cross the town limits anyway?  If Damon and Bonnie return, will Elena be able to get her memories back as easily as she thinks?  How will Alaric deal with having erased his best friend’s memories from Elena?  And will Jeremy get help with his grief?  Season 6 just gets more and more interesting.

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