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The Vampire Diaries 6X03 Review: Sounds Like Hope

By anna
In Recaps
October 17, 2014

Thursday’s latest episode of The Vampire Diaries delved more into the mystery of Damon and Bonnie being stuck in 1994.  It also got almost the whole gang together again at a swimming hole just outside of Mystic Falls and oh yeah.  Stefan was on a mission to get revenge on Enzo for killing Ivy.  There is never a dull moment in this show.

Everyone is being careful to not remind Elena of her past feelings for Damon and she decides to get everyone together for a party since they all haven’t been together in a few months.  She finally convinces Caroline to go, telling her to bring Enzo along and Caroline reluctantly agrees.  What she doesn’t know is that Elena is planning on introducing her to a boy, Liam, in her class, hoping to set the two of them up together.

Of course things didn’t work out between Caroline and Liam but Liam wasn’t totally giving up on love.  He ended up kissing a surprised Elena who told him she wasn’t quite ready for a relationship yet.  Ouch. Guess Liam got friendzoned.  Elena wasn’t the only Gilbert getting some action in this episode.  To her surprise, she caught Jeremy making out with the girl she attacked.  Awkward.  She lectured Jeremy and he assured her it was fine since Sarah had been compelled.  The only problem he forgot about was that if Sarah crossed the town border, the magic of her compulsion would disappear and Sarah did just that.  Uh-oh.  Let’s hope she doesn’t tell Tripp about all this!

Things got a little intense at the party when Stefan showed up, planning to use a stake gun on Enzo.  The two of them went to duke it out in the woods and when Stefan attempted to kill Enzo with a stake gun, Enzo blocked the stake and threw it towards Stefan.  He missed and ended up killing one of Matt’s buddies on the Community Protection Squad, who they discovered was a vampire hunter.  Caroline intervened in the fight, stopping Enzo and Stefan from killing each other and they took the body to hide it.  Matt seemed stunned that his friend was a vampire hunter.  Honestly, when will the gang learn that no one is ever who they say they are in this town?

One of the best things of this episode was watching Damon and Bonnie together in 1994.  The two of them are still no closer to finding out just why they are stuck there or how to get home but they did have some progress in finding out who is there with him.  They stumbled upon a new arrival after he attempted to attack and kill Damon.  But Bonnie came through for Damon in the nick of time when she finally got her magic back.  They captured the new guy and learned that his name is Kai.  He claimed that he was just trying to provoke Bonnie into getting her magic back when he attacked Damon because her magic is the key to getting back.  The thing is though, can this guy be trusted or should they get as far away from him as possible?

Despite Caroline’s earlier intervention, Stefan wasn’t finished with Enzo yet.  In a surprising twist, he captured Enzo and handed him over to Tripp, telling him to make sure Enzo suffered.  Wow, that was harsh given that Enzo had been captured and tortured for fifty years.  This is normally unlike Stefan.  Is he more upset than he’s letting on about the death of his brother?  Or is he perhaps just channeling his inner Damon?

The only downside to this episode was the lack of Alaric.  You can’t blame us for wanting more of him after he was stuck on the other side for two seasons right?  However, the rest of the episode was quiet good and set up some more great storylines for the rest of the season.  Looks like this truly is the season where we get some great character studies instead of completely focusing on the main love triangle or the big bad and it is a refreshing change.

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