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The Vampire Diaries: Life Goes On

By anna
In Recaps
October 5, 2014

After season five ended, The Vampire Diaries fans spent all summer speculating what would happen next once season 6 came around.  Would Stefan, Elena, Caroline and Alaric be able to return to the now magic-free Mystic Falls?  How would Jeremy handle losing yet another girlfriend?  What was next for Matt?  Now that Tyler is a human again, would he retrigger the werewolf curse?  Will Stefan and Elena be able to move on from Damon?  How will Alaric adjust to being back to life as an original vampire?  And where on earth (if they’re even on earth) are Damon and Bonnie?

Season 6 finally premiered on Thursday night and once the episode started, it was clear that this season will be extremely reminiscent of seasons 1-3.  In a throwback to the earliest episodes of the show, season 6 opened with a couple camping in the woods.  And of course, they hear a noise outside their tent.  The girl goes outside to check it out and someone appears behind her.  But no need to worry!  It’s just Sheriff Forbes.  She lectures the young couple on drinking alcohol and tells them to pack up and head home.  The couple laughs about the whole thing and complain about how strict the town is becoming.  But then in true Vampire Diaries fashion, they are then attacked by a vampire before they can get into the car.

The episode then cuts to Elena catching us all up to speed on what we missed in the four months that the show skipped over.  We see a glimpse of how Mystic Falls is without all the supernatural creatures there and we discover that Alaric is now teaching Occult Studies at Whitmore College.  We also discover that Elena has now chosen pre-med as her college major (her dad is a doctor so it makes sense right?).  Elena reveals that the fact that she’ll be able to get easy access to blood bags now is good because Alaric is still adjusting to drinking human blood and we get a glimpse of his vamp face as he drinks a little blood.  After this, we discovered that Elena was telling all of this to a hallucination of Damon.  Uh-oh.  Looks like someone might be in denial.

After that, Caroline talks to her mom and it becomes clear that Caroline is not ready to accept the fact that she can’t return to her hometown. Caroline is desperate to break the spell over Mystic Falls but no one else seems too concerned to return back home.

Speaking of Stefan, his reaction to his brother’s death was a bit surprising.  He has moved away to Savannah Georgia and has gotten a job as a car mechanic.  He also has a new girlfriend.  The two of them seem pretty close but we don’t really know that much about her yet.  Is it possible that Stefan hasn’t really moved on and is hoping this girl, Ivy, may somehow have answers to where Damon and Bonnie ended up? It’s The Vampire Diaries so we know not everyone appears to be who they say they are.

Tyler has his own issues to deal with.  After having gotten used to his hybrid powers, he now needs to adjust to being human again and it’s not an easy thing to do when you’re a boy with a werewolf gene who has anger issues.  He tells Alaric that he’s dealing with it just fine but loses his temper in a confrontation with Luke and only backs off when Alaric steps in to stop the fight.  Later, Tyler apologizes to Liv for his outburst and admits that it’s not easy without his supernatural powers. This will be a great storyline for Tyler.  He’s more aware of what it’s like having the werewolf curse triggered unlike the last time and knows what the consequences of turning each full moon are.  It will be interesting to see if he can keep his anger in check.

One of the best things about the premiere was Alaric’s presence in the show again.  Recently returned from the dead, Alaric not only has to deal with being alive again but he also needs to learn how to adjust to being a vampire and he’s not just any vampire but an original vampire.  What’s most interesting about this is when Alaric was first introduced into the show, he was a vampire hunter, so he’ll have to reconcile that side of himself with his new vampire self.  We got a glimpse of just how much he is struggling with the blood lust when he had to stop in the middle of a lecture to quietly tell Elena not to drink blood in his class because it was already hard enough for him being in a classroom, filled with human kids.  Unfortunately, the bloodlust isn’t the only thing he’ll need to adjust to.  After discovering that it’s not as easy talking to women like it used to be for him, he also needs to learn how to be a normal guy again.

In the midst of all this, we check in and see how Matt and Jeremy are dealing with the loss of their friends.  Matt is actually doing pretty well having joined the Community Protection Squad.  Jeremy on the other hand is not doing so well.  He never leaves Mystic Falls anymore and has different girls over all the time.  He has also started drinking again and it’s hard for Alaric and Elena to help him when they can’t cross the town borders.

Then we get to Elena. Elena has acted like she’s fine over Damon’s death but in reality, she has emotionally blackmailed Luke into giving her drugs to hallucinate Damon.  And the drugs are causing her to be extra thirsty and she is now feeding on people.  Once the others find out about this, Elena tries to say goodbye to Damon and finally move on but she can’t.  It’s too much for her to handle.

After she realized she wouldn’t be able to move on, she talked to Alaric and told him she needed him to do something for her.  Since he’s an original, he has the ability to compel other vampires.  And she wants him to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon.  Alaric looked torn at Elena’s request. Because it can’t be an easy decision for him since Damon is his friend too.  Before we got to see Alaric’s answer, the scene cut to a building someplace else and we saw Damon!  And he was…making pancakes to serve to Bonnie?  We still have no idea where Damon and Bonnie are but at least it doesn’t look like they’re suffering too much if they’re eating smiley fang pancakes.

Season 6 has a lot to play with this year.  Will the gang get back together? Will they break the spell over Mystic Falls?  Will Tyler be able to stay human?  Will Alaric manage to adjust to being an Original Vampire and will Elena move on from Damon? And where are Bonnie and Damon?  If these stories are done right, season 6 could be the best season yet.




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