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Castle 7X05 Review: The Dangers of Social Media

By anna
In Recaps
November 5, 2014

The latest episode of Castle tackled an issue that is hard-hitting for today’s society.  The danger of social media.  Social media can be a great thing if used properly and carefully, but if you post the wrong things, it can come back to haunt you.  Castle and the team dealt with exactly this when a serial killer used the power of the cyberspace to stalk his victims.

The case of the week kicked off when a popular blogger was found murdered.  The team at the 12th precinct set to work doing everything they could to find out who was responsible.  While interviewing various people from the victim’s past, they found some more clues along the way.

However, the clues hit close to home when one of them turned out to be a picture of Castle and Beckett having coffees right before they started the investigation.  Of course, the killer made it seem like they weren’t taking their job seriously and Beckett was understandably upset.  Gates told her she vouched for her to remain on the case but sent her home for the night to clear her head.  Castle reassured Beckett that this was just a harmless picture and it would brush over soon because there were millions of other things on the internet people were more interested in.

After that unsettling situation, they managed to refocus on the case and ended up finding the killer responsible for all this.  Turns out he was a young man who had been bullied harshly in high school.  The team found him but had no idea where his latest victims where which was a big problem because Adam (the killer) had set them up in a live or die situation and was letting the public participate in the sick game.

Adam had set it up so that his followers could vote on one of his two victims (who happened to be his past bullies) to see who got the most likes.  Who got the most like would live and the other would die.  Beckett immediately set to work, interrogating Adam to get the information she needed.  She finally managed to break him and they got a major clue from him where he was keeping his victims.  The team rushed to his hideout, getting there just in the nick of time to save the victims.

After that, the case was wrapped up and Beckett and Castle returned home.  But it wasn’t quiet over yet.  Castle’s view seemed to start to change on social media when he found out that his new book trailer was up.  It wasn’t what he expected though.  Someone had put a bunch of hilarious clips together of him messing up and turned it into a mini music video.  Mortified, Castle found out from Alexis that the video had over a million hits and Martha exclaimed that it had gone viral.  Beckett teased him that it would eventually pass over since there were a million other things on the internet too but Castle seemed far from reassured.

So the lesson friends is be careful what you put on the internet!  Make sure it’s not something that will come back to haunt you later on in life.



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