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Castle 7X06 Review: The Time Of Our Lives

By anna
In Recaps
November 18, 2014

The latest episode featured Castle winding up in an Alternate Reality.  The twist?  In this universe, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito didn’t know him.  And he failed as an author after the Derek Storm novels ended and ended up living with his mother.  This expierence showed Castle what it was like to live in a world where he wasn’t together with Beckett and it gave him the push he needed.

When the episode started, Castle saw that Beckett had been invited to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding.  He asked her if she was going to go and she said she wasn’t sure because it would just remind her that she wasn’t married yet.  Castle immediately felt guilty over the missing 2 months again and told Beckett he would give anything to change what happened.  Beckett said she knew that.  It’s kind of nice to see these two still talking about the failed wedding.  Something big like that isn’t just gonna be brushed aside or forgotten and it’s understandable that Beckett feels nervous about getting married again.

Castle and Beckett then got called on a case.  They found the object the criminals were looking for and Castle happened to pick it up.  He sort of wished that he could be in another time and then, after getting in the middle of a shoot-out, he fell over and got knocked unconscious.  When he woke up, everything wasn’t quite as it seemed.  When Beckett and the 12th prescient didn’t recognize him that was when he realized he couldn’t possibly be home.

Castle is at its best when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and this episode was a perfect example.  One of the best things about the AU was that it showed that Castle and Beckett aren’t better off if they’re not together.  Beckett was Captain in this universe but her life still felt unfulfilled and Castle wasn’t happy at all in his life.  One of the best details they added was that in this universe, Beckett did admit to Castle how much his books meant to her which, as long-time fans of the show will know, was something she never told him in present time.  Hopefully that’s something that she will eventually tell Castle back in their real world.

The longer he was stuck in the alternate universe, the more Castle longed to return home.  The problem was that he didn’t know the trick to getting back and almost figured it out a little too late.  Going on the same case that sent him there with the team, Castle jumped in front of Beckett to stop her from getting shot, but he himself got shot in the process.  Beckett seemed worried, concerned and confused on why he would save her to risk his own life and Castle declared that he loved her in a scene that paralleled when Beckett actually got shot in season 3.  Thankfully, Castle was holding the device that sent him there and just before he died he was sent home.

Castle woke up to Beckett waking him up.  He realized he was okay and seemed overjoyed to be back home.  After making sure he was okay, Beckett got him to explain everything.  She still seemed uncertain of how to fix their relationship completely and Castle said he had a solution.  In a moment the whole fandom had been waiting for, he asked her to marry him again.  Beckett reminded him that she had already said yes but he said he meant he wanted to get married right now.  Beckett seemed taken aback and we never actually got to hear her answer.

The next thing we saw was Castle and Beckett finally going to their wedding ceremony.  Rather than having a big wedding focused episode with every single character there, I think this was the smartest thing to do.  The most important people to Castle and Beckett were there (their mother, father and Alexis) and it was a short, romantic ceremony.  The vows were perfect for them and the icing on the cake was the fact that the song they played during their first kiss was also their first dance song.

It was a smart decision for the show not to delay the wedding any longer.  At this stage, it’s pretty obvious that Castle and Beckett would have stayed together with no more will they or won’t they or breaking ups.  Now we’ll get the chance to see them together as a happily married couple and hopefully they’ll get a chance to go on a nice honeymoon.  I wish them many years of happiness together!

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