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Castle 7X07 Review: Once Upon A Time In The West

By anna
In Recaps
November 21, 2014

In the latest episode of Castle, fans got to see the much anticipated Honeymoon between Castle and Beckett.  However, in true Castle fashion, it wasn’t the typical honeymoon but still turned out to be a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

The episode opened up with Castle and Beckett telling their closest friends: Ryan, Laine and Esposito the good news of their marriage.  Understandably, Ryan, Laine and Esposito were a little unhappy that they hadn’t been to the wedding.  Laine got over her disappointment after telling Beckett she was gonna buy her a bunch of dessert to make up for that and congratulated her.  Ryan and Esposito weren’t so easily won over and it was fun watching Castle squirm under their accusing glares.

Then we got to the regular case of the week.  This time, the latest victim had been poisoned and the case led Beckett and Castle to go undercover at…wait for it.  A dude ranch.  Yeah you read that right.  Castle was secretly excited at the prospect of having their honeymoon in the west but Beckett was more reserved and declared it was not going to be their honeymoon.

Once Castle and Beckett made it to the ranch, they found themselves immersed in the Wild, Wild West and all sorts of crazy shenanigans followed suit as they pretended to be on their honeymoon while searching for the killer.  They eventually found who they were looking for but it was Castle that found him and not Beckett.

Castle sat down to have a drink with one of the town actors but was informed too late that he was actually with the killer.  Once the killer realized Castle knew, Castle quickly challenged him to a classic gun fight.  The killer laughed, thinking he would beat Castle easily.  As Castle fumbled with his gun, Beckett showed up in the nick of time and shot the killer.

So our favorite cowboy and cowgirl saved the day like always and to make it even sweeter, Gates convinced Ryan and Esposito to each give Beckett two of their holidays so that they could have a longer honeymoon which Beckett finally admitted they were currently doing.  It was such a great decision not to delay their wedding any longer.

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