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Once Upon A Time 4X05 Review: Precious Memories

By anna
In Recaps
November 5, 2014

The latest episode of Once Upon A Time gave us another reappearance from Sydney, a vengeful Snow Queen, some drama between SwanQueen and Snowing going on a date for the first time since having baby Neal.  And we saw several flashbacks with Emma and a childhood friend.  How did it all turn out?  Keep reading to find out!

Will is still being held in jail and is annoyed at his current predicament.  Charming plans a date for him and Snow but Snow is nervous.  It is their first time out together without baby Neal.  Charming assures her it will be fine and the two of them head to the jail to get their coats.  That’s when they discover Will is missing.  Uh-oh.  Looks like the jail should invest in a security guard so prisoners don’t keep escaping.  Charming convinces Snow that it will be a great adventure if they go searching for Will just like the old times and Snow reluctantly agrees.

Elsa saw what looked like Anna suddenly back in Storybrooke.  She went after her like any sister would but it turned out to be a trap set by the Snow Queen.  Emma and Regina teamed up to go help Elsa.  They found her but Elsa ended up saving them after managing to free herself.  The Snow Queen took away Regina’s mirror and left the 3 of them alive.  What could the Snow Queen want with a mirror?

Speaking of Regina, she bullied Sydney into helping her locate the Snow Queen.  But Sydney was leading her into a trap all along.  He finally betrayed Regina and was taken by the Snow Queen who he seemed eager to serve.  The Snow Queen surprised him and granted him his freedom.  He almost seemed disappointed with that though.  The poor guy’s probably not used to living his own life.  Emma confronted Regina, telling her she wanted to help her with her current situation and Regina reluctantly agreed.

Going back to Snowing, the two of them didn’t have much of a date because they were too busy searching for Will.  Snow fretted that they were leaving Neal alone too long and Charming told her she could go back home if she wanted to but he needed to find Will.  Snow started heading home but found Will before Charming.  Unable to just ignore him, she cornered him and delightfully told him she was arresting him again.  Will tried to argue with her but Snow started to guess that Charming had set this up to get her back to her old self again.  Delighted, Snow let Will go and returned home. However, Charming admitted that he hadn’t actually set the whole thing up.  Oops!  The important thing was that Snow felt more like her old self again right?  Right!

Now for the flashbacks on Emma’s childhood.  We saw her running away from an Orphan Home because she felt she was too old to have a chance to be adopted.  She ran into another girl her age who claimed to be an orphan as well.  The two of them became fast friends and ran away together.  They promised to always be friends but they’re friendship was put to the test when Lily’s (the orphan girl) lie was exposed by her father finding her.  Awkward.  Emma was understandably upset but Lily begged and apologized asking Emma to forgive her.  Emma refused and walked away.  You can’t really blame Emma for being upset.  Lily lied about not having a family which is what Emma always wanted.

Hook came to check on Emma and saw her just starting to look through a box of her childhood memories.  He asked if he could have the honor and she agreed, showing him some of her things.  The two of them shared a tender, sweet moment seeing the picture with her and Neal.  They both have a strong connection to him and shared their grief together.  Emma put in an old tape and we saw a recording her and Lily had done together.  Then it showed Emma back at the Orphanage but…wait for it! It was revealed that the Snow Queen owned that Orphanage home!  Is your jaw hitting the floor yet?

So while we finally begin to get some questions, we got still more answers.  Why is the Snow Queen hiding her true identity from Emma?  Where on earth is Anna?  Will Lily crop up again as some new character?  Once always does like to have these storylines for a reason.  And what does the Snow Queen want with that mirror? Hopefully we’ll get answers sooner rather than later.

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