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Once Upon A Time 4X06 Review: Hidden Secrets and Family Business

By anna
In Recaps
November 6, 2014

This week’s episode of Once Upon A Time featured a look back into Belle’s past when her mother was still alive.  What happened to Belle’s mother?  What was her mysterious connection to Anna?  And just what does the Snow Queen want with Emma and Elsa?

Belle finally got to meet Elsa in the latest episode and seemed a bit nervous around her.  The two of them went looking for information on Anna and the Snow Queen and it was revealed in flashbacks that Belle had met Anna once long ago while on a journey.  Then it was slowly revealed why she wasn’t keen on telling Elsa about that.

Belle’s home and family was attacked by the Ogres during the war and unfortunately Belle’s mom was killed.  After the attack, Belle was unable to remember what happened and against her father’s wishes, she set off to attempt to regain her memories.  She ran into Anna on the way who led her to Kristoff’s family.

Grand Poppie gave Belle a stone that held her memories inside and said if she put it in her tea and drank it, she would regain her memories.  Belle thanked him and set back off with Anna who bonded with Belle, saying she had lost her mother too.  The two girls ran into problems when the Snow Queen attacked and Belle was faced with the decision of saving her memories or Anna.  Belle waited a second too long and ended up losing both Anna and her memories.  Then the Snow Queen appeared and kidnapped Anna.  Since the two of them had been climbing the mountains that was indeed a real cliffhanger!

Back in modern times, Belle felt so guilty that she ended up doing something she never said she’d do.  She used the dagger to control Rumple to get him to help her try to find the Snow Queen.  Rumple reluctantly kept the charade since Belle believed she was in possession of the real dagger.  She ended up facing her own reflection who taunted her, saying she was just as evil as the dark one over what happened to Anna.  Belle lost control and Rumple got her back to safety at his shop where Belle came clean about what happened with Anna.  Rumple comforted her but neglected to tell her the truth himself over the real dagger.  Oh rumple!

In the midst of all this, Elsa and Emma made some unsettling discoveries.  They realized that Emma had a striking resemblance to the Snow Queen’s sister and they figured out that the Snow Queen was trying to recreate a family with Emma and Elsa, getting rid of their own loved ones in the process.  Yikes!  Will the Snow Queen succeed?  Or will the heroes save Anna and stop her just in time?

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