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Once Upon A Time 4X07 Review: Family Matters

By anna
In Recaps
November 12, 2014

The latest episode of Once Upon A Time gave us more insight into the Snow Queen’s backstory.  We found out exactly what happened between her and her sisters and it was indeed a tragic backstory.  But does all that really give the Snow Queen a reason to excuse the way she behaves in modern times?  I’m not so sure that it does.

We saw a flashback of the three young sisters: Ingrid, Helga and Greta.  They were happily playing together before a man showed up and kidnapped one of them.  The other two sisters attempted to help her and Elsa unknowingly used her magic on the man, stopping him in his tracks and possibly inadvertently killing him.  The sisters assured Elsa that she was just protecting them and the three of them made a pact to stand by each other’s side.  We all knew at that moment that something would go wrong right?  A test usually happens after that that tears friends or family apart.  And sadly it did.

When confronted by the Duke of Weasleton, Ingrid found herself in an uncomfortable situation.  The Duke was set to marry her sister Helga but started to cheat on her with Ingrid.  Ingrid stopped him and Helga showed up.  The Duke tried to place the blame on Ingrid but Helga stood up for her sister.  In a tragic turn of events, Ingrid accidentally froze Helga after intending to attack the Duke and her sister died.  Greta showed up at that moment but rather than asking for her sister’s side of the story, she immediately trapped her in the urn.  Ouch.  No wonder Ingrid has severe trust issues.  Greta then went to Grand Pabbie and he then erased her memories.

In present time, Emma and Elsa managed to capture Ingrid together and Emma had a one on one conversation with Ingrid.  Ingrid got into her mind, telling her that eventually her family would believe her.  Losing self-control, Emma accidentally lost control of her powers and Ingrid escaped.  Snow, Charming, Elsa, Hook and Mr. Gold all arrived but Emma warned them to stay back because she had lost control.  Hook and Charming tried to get closer to her when Emma lost control completely and accidentally caused a lamp post to fall.  Charming pushed Hook out of the way and was hit in the arm with it.  Snow screamed at Emma over losing her control but instantly regretted it.  It was really unfortunate timing that Snow screamed at Emma after an incident that had happened earlier.

JESSY SCHRAM, SARAH BOLGER, GINNIFER GOODWIN, JENNIFER MORRISONEmma went to Snow who was at a first time mother’s thing with baby Neal.  Emma was supposed to be babysitting her baby brother but she understandably got a bit upset when she saw Snow at the first time mother’s meeting.  She happened to be holding a baby bottle at the time and her magic caused it to boil.  Snow also understandably; seemed reluctant to hand baby Neal over to Emma and that was when Emma got the call that she was needed for help with the Snow Queen.

So naturally, all Ingrid’s recent statements about her family being fearful of her powers where in Emma’s head and she ended up running away from everyone.  The others searched for her but were unable to find them.  Snow felt extremely guilty and told Charming they failed her.  Now I understand why Snow was upset over snapping at Emma but…Charming didn’t fail her.  He never once looked afraid of Emma and actually tried to help her before getting hurt by the lamp post and even then he didn’t look afraid of Emma.  Now Snow, just remember, just because the two of you share a heart doesn’t mean you’re both responsible for all the same problems.

Now Emma is hiding from her loved ones and Ingrid is doing her best to cause a rift between Elsa and Anna.  I get why Ingrid wants the three of them to be a family but it’s also wrong that she is destroying the bonds they have with their real families.  However this all turns out, I’m looking forward to seeing the character development for everyone!

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