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Once Upon A Time 4X08 Review: Broken Mirrors

By anna
In Recaps
November 18, 2014

This week’s Once Upon A Time was a two hour special that featured flashbacks to Arendale, evil Snow Queen plans, forbidden romance and villainous plots.  There was plenty to fill the two hours and some of it was better than others.

We picked up where things had left off last with Robin and Regina and it was the morning after.  The two of them seemed happy but Regina told Robin they couldn’t keep doing this because of Marian.  Robin reluctantly agreed and Regina ended up letting him in on the book mission.  Robin volunteered to help her find out who the author of the book was and the two of them continued things from last night.  Robin and Regina are a great match for each other but the whole thing would be a lot more romantic if…you know, Robin wasn’t still married to Regina.

After that we got back to the search for Emma.  Henry was the one that found her but even he wasn’t able to calm Emma down.  Emma ended up accidentally hurting him with her powers and told him to leave.  Now one thing about Emma’s magic that I hope they go into more detail about is exactly how it works.  We still don’t really know what her powers are.  Henry went back to the others who had finally decided to take a break.  After talking to Henry, they realized Emma didn’t want to be found and were all worried and upset.

It was then that Emma decided to get rid of her powers and in a surprising action, she asked Mr. Gold for help.  Emma should remember that with Gold, everything comes with a price and he did indeed have a price but neglected to tell her.  Gold was planning to steal Emma’s magic by use of the Sorcerer’s hat and was luring Emma to a trap.  Why exactly is Gold going completely evil again?  Is it the loss of his son or the power of his hat or something else?  It’s hard to tell and we need to know why.

Once everyone realized what Emma was up to, they all rushed to stop her.  Hook got there first and was confronted by Gold who ended up ripping Hook’s heart out of his chest because he needs the heart of someone who knew him before he became the dark one and Hook is the only candidate.  Oh no!  Now Gold can control Hook like a puppet before killing him.  Hopefully Emma and the others will realize what’s going on and stop Gold.

One of the best scenes of the episode was Elsa stepping up to help Emma.  Having magic herself, Elsa knew what it felt like to lose control of your powers and she managed to help Emma control herself again.  Thanks to Elsa, Emma decided to keep her powers and she reunited with her family in a sweet scene as they all celebrated Emma’s powers.

In the midst of all this, we found out more of what the Snow Queen had done in the past.  Using the mirror we first saw a few episodes back, she managed to bring out Anna’s dark side and turned her against Elsa.  Elsa refused to turn on her sister and Anna ended up sucking Elsa up into the urn.  After that, she snapped out of it and realized what she had done.  Before she could help her sister, Elsa froze her and Kristoff and fled from the scene.  After making a deal with the Apprentice, she winded up in the modern world to wait on her plan.

So there is a lot of questions to be answered after this episode.  What is causing Gold to turn completely evil again?  Will Emma manage to keep control of her powers?  Will someone please unfreeze Anna and Kristoff?  It’s a shame there isn’t a new episode next week.  Hopefully the short hiatus will go by fast.


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