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The Originals 2X04 Review: Behind Enemy Lines

By anna
In Recaps
November 5, 2014

The drama got amped up even more in the newest episode of The Originals.  We saw battle training, family fights, a touch of romance and jealousy and even old enemies teaming up together.

Davina was keeping Mikael out in a cabin in the woods since Elijah and Klaus had discovered he was alive.  Mikael wasn’t any happier being stuck in the cabin but reluctantly agreed to train Davina for battle.  He gave her a hard lesson about working through her pain and she returned to the cabin with an injured ankle.  She called Kaleb, asking him to come meet her and bring her some things.  He agreed.

While Mikael was training Davina, we finally saw Elijah training Gia and that scene was all kinds of hot.  Gia wasn’t the best hitter but Elijah refused to say that she fought like a girl because he was a devoted feminist.  Swoon.  Is it possible for Elijah to get any dreamier?  Then he showed Gia how to rip out a vampire’s heart by letting her practice on him since it wouldn’t kill him.  That was when Hayley walked in, creating an awkward moment.

Hayley and Oliver told Marcel, Elijah and Gia that a new werewolf in town, Aiden, was recruiting teenagers to join his army against their will and they formed a plan to help them.  Marcel and Hayley managed to rescue the latest recruits but Oliver and Elijah found themselves cornered by the pack.  Rather than running away, Oliver stood with Elijah, realizing his best bet was having an original on his side.  About time someone saw that!  The two of them took down the pack together but that wasn’t the end of their fighting.  Finn showed up but before Elijah could take him out, Esther arrived on the scene driving a stake through her son.  To his credit, Oliver attempted to help Elijah but was blasted back by Finn.  Oh no, the dreadful duo have Elijah captured!

While Elijah was getting captured, Klaus ended up running into Mikael after hunting him down.  The two of them got into a fight but before Mikael could finish Klaus off, Klaus managed to take him down with Papa Tunde’s blade.  After some advice from Cami, Klaus locked Mikael up rather than killing him.  That may have turned out to be a mistake because Mikael ended up pulling the blade out of himself.  Oh Klaus, you should have killed your father when you had the chance!

After that, it was revealed that Esther now has Elijah chained up.  He is unable to escape and she tells him she plans to purify him.  Excuse me girl?  Have you forgotten you yourself said Elijah was the most noble and morale of all your children?  So you got some explaining to do about why you feel the need to purify him.

So Mikael managed to get free of Klaus’ trap and Esther now has Elijah at her mercy.  What will happen to our favorite Original brothers?  Will Klaus manage to free Elijah?  Will they take down Mikael together?  We need a new episode asap

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