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The Originals 2X05 Review: Locked Doors And Hidden Secrets

By anna
In Recaps
November 6, 2014

The latest episode of The Originals featured a special appearance from The Vampire Diaries’ own Nina Dobrev!  What was her role in this crossover?  And whose storyline did she affect?  We have answers.

Things started where the last episode left off.  Elijah is still being held prisoner by his mother and she is relentlessly attempting to show him why being a vampire is so immoral.  Elijah vows that she will not break him but it is then that Esther starts the trip down his memory lane and we end up meeting none other than the original doppelgänger: Tatia!  Now those that also watch The Vampire Diaries will know Tatia was mentioned back in season 3 by Elijah and Klaus.  The two brothers were both in love with her.  Sound familiar?  Then their mother used her blood to turn them into vampires.

The twist with that story was that Esther only used a little of Tatia’s blood to turn them.  Vampire Diaries viewers had assumed that Tatia had been killed to turn them but that wasn’t the case at all, unfortunately for Elijah.  After more agonizing prodding from his mother, he slowly remembered that he himself was the one who had killed Tatia.  What?  Mind you, Elijah didn’t WANT to kill her.  Back in the days when he was still a newbie vamp, Tatia had the unfortunate timing of finding him and Klaus after Klaus had transformed into a wolf and killed people for the first time.  Tatia ran off and Elijah ran after her, trying to explain.  He then realized too late that Tatia was bleeding a little and ended up losing control.  Well, you can imagine what happened after that.  Elijah was understandably furious and upset over this revelation since he had had no memories of the incident.  Esther revealed that Elijah brought Tatia to her too late to save her and Esther took care of her body, hiding her behind a red door.  She said that’s why Elijah wears suits and acts so proper all the time because he’s trying to hide the monster he is.  Woah.

Meanwhile, Klaus is dealing with his own parental issues.  Mikael has kidnapped Cami and Klaus sets off to save her.  Davina realized she lost control of Mikael and knew she had to figure out a way fast to unlink her friends from Klaus’s bloodline but there wasn’t nearly enough time.  In an epic showdown, Mikael revealed that he had once been proud to call Klaus his son but that that had all gone out the window the second he realized Klaus wasn’t actually his.  But rather than blaming Esther for the betrayal he chose to blame Klaus instead.  Way to be father of the year dude.

In a heart stopping moment, Mikael did actually drive the white oak stake through Klaus’s heart.  However, Davina and Kol were casting a spell to stop the magic of the stake and they managed to save Klaus from dying.  Hayley and Marcel showed up to help and in a powerful moment, Klaus was back on his feet surrounded by Marcel, Hayley, Davina and Kol.  Faced with those odds, Mikael was forced to flee.  If Klaus would just think about it, he might indeed see that he does have a family who loves him.  The only one missing was his big brother.

Speaking of Elijah, it seemed that Hayley had finally found him and she was rescuing him.  The two of them shared an intense, passionate reunion but shippers screamed everywhere when they realized the whole thing was just a dream manipulated by Esther and the episode ended with a haunting close up of Elijah’s dazed face.

Can the gang drop the focus from Mikael for one minute to rescue Elijah?  I think all of us are desperate to see him escape from his mother and we definitely want it to happen before she succeeds in putting him in a new body!


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